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Room Essentials
Room Essentials 4-Tier Accessory Shelf

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Love this!


I really like the Room Essentials 4-tier Accessory Shelf. I have one of these in my closet right now and one by the front door. They have lasted us for years and are still standing strong. After all that time they are both still in one piece. The only thing that has happened to these are a couple bend/bumps in it. They hold shoes very well. I didn't think that I would like that the top shelf would be smaller at first, but it ended up being the perfect size for little kid shoes. The rest of the shelves are perfect for any size shoes. We even like to slide flip flops and umbrellas under it for added storage space. It is pretty tall, but will still fit perfectly in a closet. It's easy to pick up and move around by the handles if you want to vacuum around it also. It's lightweight and portable. This is super easy to put together and will last you for years. I would buy this product again. The only thing that I would probably change is the style. It's not the most attractive shelf for by the front door, but if it's in a closet it's great!



room essentials accessory shelf


my clothes closet has been a complete mess for the past few years. i finally realized i needed to organize it because i was tired of running late everywhere because i couldnt find an article of clothing in my mess of a closet. the four tier shelf doesnt take up too much space and saves me a lot of time and effort. i keep my sweatshirts and sweaters on these racks which make it easy to find when i'm rushing or just really cold and need something to cover up. i liked this accessory shelf so much that i bought one for my linen closet for towels, washcloths, blankets, and extra sheets. this shelf really comes in hand and you can even store shoes on it. there are a variety of things you can use this for. definitly recommend.

Washington, DC




This neat little closet organizer works like a charm! It is VERY easy to assemble and to use!! I love to put all different kinds of things on this organizer! For me it works for almost everything I have! The only thing I do not trust to put on there is my printer, but only because it is too shaky for the organizer! I would definitely reccomend this to anyone out there who needs a good, cheap in cost, and simple organizer! This DEFENITELY fits ALL of those characteristics and qualities! This is such a good buy and anyone who passes it up will regret it. This is a cute and fun way to store your items! For me I thought it was too boring in the color white so what I did was spice it up by adding flowers and spray painting it pink! You can do anything to this to make it look cuter!!

Long Beach, CA


Spectacular Shelving unit


This shelf is so wonderful! It is the most convienent size and fits almost anywhere. I use it in my closet now for shoes, but I bet it could easily find many many more uses in other rooms of the house. The price I paid for this product was very very reasonable and next time I find it in stores I would absolutely buy another.

Galena Park, TX


Room Essentials 4-Tier Accessory Shelf

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