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IKEA Lerberg shelf unit white

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gets the job done


This is a very simple shelving unit that frankly I do not consider very attractive looking. It has a very plain and industrial look to it and I have a hard time saying that it is a good-looking piece because I honestly do not think it looks that great. But I definitely do think that it is extremely practical and very useful around the home. And for this reason I give it an overall positive score. It has several layers to it that allows you to put a wide amount of goods on each layer. I suggested use for this is the garage but IKEA recommends using it inside the home and if you look at their catalog you will see this item very prominent places in the home like at the living room. I really think that in order for it to look good blog of things need to be in place and you may need the help of a decorative sheet for each layer to make it stand out and really pop.

Los Angeles, CA


IKEA Lerberg shelf unit white

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