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IKEA Franklin 29" Foldable Bar Stool

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Love this!


We've had this chair for several years and really put it through its paces! My daughter has used it daily for 4 years. Our dining room chairs were too big for her after she outgrew her high chair and this has been perfect. It's also tough enough for the rest of us to sit on as well. Very well made. Completely satisfied. Nice job on this one IKEA!

Saint Paul, MN


solid chair


The IKEA Franklin 29 inch foldable barstool is an item that is extremely versatile and very flexible for your different needs. I have used my Franklin planner and inch stool for a wide array of things. I am part of an organization that means every other week and during our meetings we sit in a circle to discuss important facts and happenings in regards to our organization. I find these Franklin foldable barstools to be incredibly fashionable as well as very practical for such events. I feel that if you are a vendor at a trade show or something along those lines, and this Franklin 29 inch chair but also do extremely well. There is a host of things that this chair can do and it is not limited to just those two things by any means. It is a really good chair

Oceanside, CA


IKEA Franklin 29" Foldable Bar Stool

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