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Bar Stools
IKEA Ingolf Bar Stools

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The bar stool is amazing and very comfortable


The bar stool is very comfortable chair. I have placed it in front of my counter, It looks amazing and its quite durable and yet is relatively light



nice stool


This is a very attractive bar stool from the famous IKEA store. They make a lot of stuff now and I feel that the quality has improved quite a bit. I used to knock on IKEA because they make cheap goods but now I'm on the bandwagon and I firmly believe that they make great items at cheap prices. It is now one of my favorite stores. The ingolf barstool is made out of a fine would that although won't win any competitions, it is rugged and of good quality for your household. If you have a high table may be a kitchen island this ingolf barstool be perfect. There is a little foot rest peg at the bottom as well as one on each side of the chair. There is also a cross brace in the form of an X on the back portion of the chair which provides decent support. I would not really say that this is a very comfortable chair and you may want to get some padding to otherwise it is good.

Monrovia, CA


IKEA Ingolf Bar Stools

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