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IKEA Besta Shelves

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Ikea Besta: Flexible and customizable


I live in a tiny New York City apartment so finding appropriate furniture can be a challenge. I was looking to replace an old dresser that was not space efficient and also a set of bookshelves and a desk. I also didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. The Besta shelves from Ikea ended up being a great solution. They are so easily customizable that I got two units- one for the bedroom and another for the office. The one in the bedroom has spaces for my shoes, drawers for shirts and pants, and room to hang things. Best of all it is incredibly tall so it really utilized the vertical space I have (since I don't have a lot of horizontal space). The one in the office has a file cabinet part and lots of shelves to hold a printer, books and more books, and little drawers for desk supplies. I can hide these items away with the doors you can add on so it all looks sleek. It was hard to find everything I wanted in furniture (height, closed doors/drawers, versatility, sleek design) but Besta was able to do it all.

New York, NY


IKEA Besta Shelves

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