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Horse Chestnut Extract
Horse Chestnut Extract Supplement

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relief for leg cramps


I purchased it and took it faithfully for almost any thirty days at unique no modify within leg cramps that kept me up nights and afterward developed my substantial legs hurt attributed toward the severity because of this cramps not only in calf but in arch of foot at the rear of the knee and earlier mentioned the back once more because of this knee terrible. medical doctors have attempted for several years to help me with these cramps. the only real stage that do help was quinine sulfate doctor prescribed only but have been used away the industry owing to its influence regarding the coronary heart and circulation. anyway i've attempted every one stage from eating cider vinegar, using mega dozes of potassium and eating plenty more water, you name it i attempted it. but these do help promptly after about a thirty days now i obtain them about three situations 7 days .. I even now obtain a cramp as quickly as within a regardless of the actuality that probably two nights within a row therefore they may be even now weak nonetheless it accustomed for getting 4-5 nights 7 days now its under three nights a thirty days so these have helped. I recommend them they served me and I experienced about provided up trying and trying to cope using the cramps that still left me so put on out so a full great offer because of this time. hey if it served me probably it is heading which could assist that you too.

Coloma, MI


It's Wonderful


I had been having problems with my leg, sweling, pain to the touch, hot.  Went to the doctor and he gave me an antibotic and steriod.  He thought I might have an infection in the veins and thought it might be phlebitis.  That did not work, I walked around for a month on a sore leg.  I searched online for natural remedies for this disease and it said to try the Horse Chestnut Extract.  Went to the healthfood store and they had it.  I have been using it for 2 weeks now, and my leg feels so much better, little swelling but it has gone down a lot.  I will continue to use and see how things are at 30 days of use.  I don't have that stiff feeling when I first get out of bed in the morning.  My leg no longer feels heavier than the other.  If you are having these symptons, I suggest give it a try.  I did take to my doctor and let him see it before I started taking it.  Just to make sure it did not interfere with my other medication that I take.

Raleigh, NC


Horse Chestnut Extract Supplement

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