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HoMedics SS-3000 Soundspa Lullaby

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This product is a miracle worker.


I absolutely love this item. The projector works wonderfully and the sounds are amazing. This could make even the crankiest of babies sleepy. If I didn't have this item I would have to do a lot more rocking or a lot more listening to a cranky baby cry. I would never want to live without this.




Great for Babies


My two nephews and niece all used this as babies, so when my daughter was born I bought it to see if it would help her sleep through the night. There are several different sound choices (ocean, rain, heartbeat) as well as several lullabies (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rock-a-bye Baby). It has a rotating light projector which shows fish, moon and stars or jungle animals on the ceiling. We use the projector as a night light sometimes to check on the baby since it is quite dim. We love it, however we are on our third unit. Each time after some use the projector stops spinning. I have returned it to Homedics once and to Bed Bath and Beyond once. Both customer service experiences were very positive but the unit should not continue to have problems.


Metuchen, NJ


love using it but it's starting to break :(


On a parenting message board I visit, many moms were raving about this sound machine, so I bought it to see if it wouldh help my oldest sleep through the night.  It plays a couple soft lullabies (nothing special), ocean, rain, and heartbeat sounds.  It also has a rotating projector projecting nice sheep / moons or fish on the ceiling in a drowsy, relaxing circle.  I didn't really use the projector with my older child, but I have used it with my younger baby (9 months old) since she was about 5 months.  I think the sounds serve as a cue for her that it's bedtime, which is helpful for her to understand.  The projection also fascinates and soothes her.  I personally liked the sounds coming through the monitor, too. As for the projector, it has 3 different little interchangeable disks to project, but the motor is a bit loud for such a small gadget.  Also, the moms online stated that the rotator went pretty quickly.  Sure enough, mine has started to go recently, too, after only a few months' use.  :(  It still projects, but it stopped rotating.


Elgin, IL


A great sound machine


I love this sound machine! We have the graco sound machine for our oldest child and decided to buy another one for our second child. I loved the graco sound machine so much that I was going to get another one of those but saved up enough points through the pampers rewards program that I could get the Homedics soundspa sound machine for free! We have been using it for about a year now and love it! I love it so much I would have paid for it! :) It has many great sounds. I love the outside sound, the rain, and ocean sounds the best. I generally stick with the rain option for our youngest. He seems to sleep most sound with that one! I really like the projector option too. Though we do not use it that often it works great whenever we have and it is a fun thing for my kids to look at in the dark! This is a great sound machine and I would reccomend it to anyone looking for one! Even though I got it for free I would buy another one if I ever needed to replace it!


Tipp City, OH




The Homedics Sound Machine is a must have for any and all first time moms. It offers a variety of natural sounds (white noise) perfect for lulling and keeping your baby asleep. You can choose from ocean, rainforest, rain storm,heartbeats, and the like. The sounds are plesant, and even lul me to sleep! The Homedics Sound Machine also offers a visual presentation that can be projected on the wall or ceiling. While the visual is also nice, in the two years we have owned this unit, we have probably only used that feature a handful of times. The cord on the Homedics Sound Machine is long, which is nice considering all the different things you usually have to plug in around a new nursery. The only negative I have with the unit, is that the different visual slides which are housed in the back, are just loosely placed horizontally. They fall out easily, and can be lost. As I said, we do not use this feature, so even if we lost them, it wouldn't bother me. Overall I would recommend this product.  


Ballston Spa, NY


This sound machine is AMAZING!


My son started having trouble sleeping when he was around 6 months old when we were trying to get him used to sleeping without swaddling.  He was only going for 3 hour stretches before needing to be rocked back to sleep.  In desperation I turned to my baby books that recommended using a white noise machine in the nursery.  I choose this machine because it has several sound options including heartbeat, rain, and waves for white noise.  It also has 3 songs (without words) to choose from including rockabye baby, twinkle twinkle little star and the cradle song.  I love that it has a timer option for 15, 30 or 90 minutes, but we typically leave it on all night.  As soon as we started using this sound machine, his sleep dramatically improved.  We also like the projection option when he is having trouble calming himself, and the 3 lighted scene disks you can change.  It keeps him laying on his back so that he can see the ceiling. 


Bluffton, SC


HoMedics SS-3000 Soundspa Lullaby

4.7 6