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HoMedics PA-100 Therapist Select Percussion Massager

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Great for a Deep Tissue Massage!


I have always had a sore back and neck. I get what feels like rocks in my back. It takes some serious muscle to penetrate my pain. That's where this wonderful creation comes in handy. It can be used by people who aren't very strong, who want to give a deep tissue massage. I can even use it on myself to massage my neck and shoulders. It comes with multiple settings, and even multiple knobs, including heated knobs. So if you want a softer massage, you use the most softly rounded knobs. On the other hand, you can use the ones that are shaped less rounded, and more pointy, to get a deeper, harder massage. Then there are the heated knobs, those are the ones I use the most frequently. So, you can choose what kind of massage you want, both by the choice of knobs, and by the the choice of settings. It comes with low, medium, and high settings, as well as a variety of programs that use different rhythms and pulses. In addition to this, it comes with an adjustable handle. I have had this for a few years now, and it continues to perform beautifully.




Harmful to Small, Bony Women


I was left crying in pain after using this product. The massager is very heavy. On a low setting, if it hits bone, it starts bouncing around uncontrollably with all the force of a sledgehammer. Well, my entire back is bony. As soon as it touched me, the thing bounced around wildly, and landed hard, directly on one of my vertebrae. BEWARE: The lowest setting is NOT the most gentle setting. It's the most brutal setting. The higher the setting, the less it jumps when it hits bone.




It's too intense


I have two of these massagers, one with heat and one without. They are pretty heavy things with balls that is the massager part. I think this thing is way too intense and weirdly designed, with a large end and the end you hold is skinny. Even on the lowest setting it hurts, and the worst part is that the vibration causes you t itch severly and it turns your skin red. You can't use this for more than a few minutes without itchiness and pain. If it hits a bone or anything it basically jumps and hurts you even more. I don't understand why they mde the end so heavy, if you do use it you need to have someone else do it because if you try yourself you will most likely end up also hurting your arm. The one with heat is exactly the same but gets hot, which honestly is worse because it increases the itchiness. Even if it was okay, it costs too much anyway I would definitely get a pad back massager, something you don't have to do manually.


Ontario, CA


Homedics massager, an end of day tension remover!


My Homedics Massager is several years old and still working just as hard and steady as the first month I bought it.  That is saying a lot since I use it every day on my shoulder muscles before bedtime. The rounded heads vibrate and percuss the muscles like a massage therapist would do, and the unit comes with both a soft and hard set  of heads that can be easily screwed into place.  It has a great long, padded handle too so that I am able to walk it down my back aways too to relieve even more tension there. I also frequently use it to rub the bottoms of my feet and revive them and the vibrations extend up the legs to help them too.   The speed can be easily adjusted with a sliding bar making it able to go faster  or slower in subtle increments.  I am also impressed that the cord is ten feet long making it easy to use it in a fave chair without worrying about the cord not reaching.  It is compact enough to fit into a drawer of my end table and thus, convenient to have at hand.  I have had many handheld massagers but this one has the best design for massaging my own shoulders and back.  It allows me to economically have the benefit of massage at home every day.  That is definitely a health improver!


Mims, FL


If I were an ache, I'd run from the Homedics PA-100 Massager


If you suffer from occasional tight muscles or are fighting chronic pain in the back and neck then the Homedics PA-100 is just the ticket.  As a caregiver for one who has chronic nerve pain, sees a Physical Therapist and is on a limited budget...I can tell you that the PA-100 is a life-saver.  This tough, dependable machine allows the caregiver to massage deep into the muscle mass to loosen knotted muscles and allow them to relax, and also lightly skim the surface to quiet jangled nerve endings. In conjunction with weekly physical therapy, the recuperative time is cut by one third for muscles that have knotted up from a new session at the therapist's office.  The patient is once again able to sleep, peacefully through the night without the drastic use of pain-killers or muscle relaxers. The Homedics PA 100 Percussion Massager allows the caregiver and the patient to continue the therapy at home, in a comfortable environment without the awkwardness sometimes felt in a public place.  Especially if the Physical Therapist does not do a massage as part of the routine. We are months ahead of schedule on the recuperation calendar by simply using the Homedics PA-100 on a nightly basis. Highly recommended by this caregiver.  I am not a professional massage therapist but the patient certainly feels like he or she just went to one when our session is done.  The look of utter relief from knotted, roped muscles causing pain is worth the low price for this outstanding machine.


Anderson, CA


HoMedics PA-100 Therapist Select Percussion Massager

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