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Pedestal Stand Fan
Holmes Pedestal Stand Fan

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Not only a cool fan, but keeps you cool too!


I purchased the Holmes HASF1516 Pedestal Stand Fan second hand over the summer. It was purchased in like new condition from a personal friend of mine. My expectations of this fan were not really that high, as it looked cheap. To my surprise the fan actually works extremely well. I plugged it into my family room, which is more like 2 rooms combined, and turned it on. As soon as I turned it on I knew that it was going to be a good fan. The fan was extremely quiet and blew extremely cool air. The fan surprisingly filled up my entire family room. I figured that it would only fill up half of the room, and boy was I wrong. The fan may look a little bit cheap, and might not look like it's very strong, but in the case of this fan, looks are deceiving! I would highly recommend this fan for anyone looking for a super strong fan, at an affordable price!

Chesterland, OH


I love this Holmes fan!


I just love fans because where I live, it gets really hot and because I am unemployed, don't have enough money to keep the air conditioner running! So, I have used many types and brands of houshold fans before and this is one of ym favorites. It stores up pretty well in the garage or the closet when it is not in use. Also, it is very quiet. It doesn't annoy me when I am trying to fall asleep. I also like the white color of the fan because it blends in with my living room. The cord is long so I can move it where I need it without having to find another outlet to plug it into. I would recomment this fan to anyone who wants something they will end up loving! I am in love with this fan-it's the best and I don't regret buying it.

San Jose, CA


Holmes fan one of the best


My son tells me that he has had his Holmes Fan since 2003. His Holmes Fan is one that is a pedestal fan and it works great. He told me that he bought it in the summer of 2003 and it has never failed him since that time. He has used it every year and now he is living back at home with me for the last year and a half and it has been used here too. The Holmes Fan is adjustable to different height's and it also oscillates for even more comfort. It has three speeds. It is easy to clean. We have had other fans around our house some of them were box fans and others were stand up fans but none of the other fans that we have ever had can compare to the Holmes Fan that we have now. We have ceiling fans in some of our other rooms but when it comes to having that extra burst of air on you nothing compares to the Holmes Fan and when it is a pedestal fan and osolates that makes it the best fan that money can buy.

Moreno Valley, CA


Holmes Pedestal Stand Fan

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