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Lasko 12 Inch Table Fan

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All Plastic Fan Didn't Last The Summer


In the years when we don't have air conditioning available, we run a lot of fans. Lasko 12 inch fan was a relatively reasonably priced fan so I decided to pick one up at the local store. It seemed to have a decent set up although it looked rather cheap. The problem is that this fan didn't last an entire summer. It stopped working and was not able to be repaired. Air Flow While it was working, this fan moved a reasonable amount of air, but not like many of the other fans that we have had or have in our house. It did not seem like the fan blades were set up as nicely as they could have been. Ease of Use The controls on this fan are on the base and not on the fan itself. It has three speeds and is pretty easy to tilt up or down too. For cleaning it is pretty easy to take apart, although it is not overly sturdy to begin with it is still not too difficult to use. Durability When I purchase a fan, I expect to get at least a few years out of it no matter how much I run it. I do keep up with cleaning it as part of the deal. This fan stopped working after only two months of summer. It was not able to be fixed. I just don't think that this all plastic fan was worth the time or money we spent on it- then we had to pay to dispose of it too! Design I didn't like the plastic grates. The fan itself vibrates a bit and makes a little noise. I didn't like that. I also didn't like the fact that it broke so easily and just stopped working. First one of the speeds stopped working- the fan would simply just stop operating. Then one day when I started it up- that was it. It was done. I also didn't like the fan blade set up. I don't think it moved the air like it should have. A

Podunk, NY


Another quality product from Lasko


I've had a lot of luck with Lasko items in the past, so I picked up this table fan without hesitation when I saw it go on sale. It definitely does not disappoint., The fan functions exactly as you'd expect, and is perfect for cooling one person or a small, general area. It will not cool an entire room, but that shouldn't be expected from a fan this size anyway. The fan comes apart for easy cleaning, and reassembles with no headaches. I've owned it for about 6 months and it still functions just as well as it did the day I bought it. I've never had an issue with Lasko fans malfunctioning, or their motors burning out, as I have with other cheap fans. If you're in the market for a decent, affordable small fan, this one is definitely worthy of consideration!

Saint Paul, MN


Keeps you cool


I first purchased a Lasko Table Fan in college. I went to college in Florida, and our dorm room would get hot. I also like the noise of having a fan at night. I purchased the Lasko Table Fan because of it's reasonable price. The Lasko Table Fan is nothing fancy, but it works well. In fact, I've been using mine for almost ten years! It has three different speeds, and it not too noisy when it is running. The adjustable pivot base helps you be able to aim the air in the direction that you need it the most. It is plastic, so it does not feel that heavy, and can fall over at times if the surface is not very stead. The Lasko Table Fan is a good value for a quality product. I would recommend it to any consumer.

Clearwater, FL


Simple to use fan. Great in the room.


For the most part, all fans work the same and I would expect this fan to work just like any other fans. Its a rather finely priced fan that I bought online and worked very well. It has the usual features you'd come to expect from any table fan. It has the off, high, medium, low setting which is a warm welcome from those that only come in high and low. It has a pivot point on the fan where you can aim it up or down, which is a given on any fan. The dial to change the speed was easy to use and no explaining needed. Fan has been working for me since the beginning of summer and now I use it occasionally with this odd warm and hot weather in chicago. Definitely would recommend this fan to others though its just another good fan.

Chicago, IL


i like this fan


this fan is so helpful to use in the summer time. it is not the strongest fan out there but it does work. it has helped me so many nights when it has been too hot to sleep. i place it by my bed and i am able to fall asleep and be comfortable. this fan is not very high tech, but it has three basic speeds and they are high, medium, and low. the speeds are good for all types of weather and the high speed is very nice and strong too. i like the look of the fan a lot. it is not a look that will go out of style as a result of changing trends. i got a fan for my son who is college as well and he enjoys it and says that it is very helpful since he does not have any cooling in his dorm. the fan is not very expensive so that is certainly another perk that i can not complain about. i know that this fan will last me for many years to come because of the good quality it is made of and the strength of it as well.

Norwich, CT


Lasko 12 Inch Table Fan

4.0 5