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Not Worth The Money


Very limited advice, nothing you couldn't get from WebMD for free. Then there was the hidden subscription fee that they refused to refund. Beware of this site.

Scottsdale, AZ




Didn't know such a service existed. It cut down a lot of my time otherwise spent searching. May be it's just me, but I imagine myself having every possible symptom the website talks about and get pretty scared, so much so that I convinced myself that I have cancer. The doctor dispelled all my fears with the right facts, medically.



very fast and instant replies to my health queries


i am a working mother of 2 childrens and recently my younger son caught by fever, i live in mumbai, india and we have recently shifted to a new apartment and in our locality there is currently no doctor near by. i get to know about healthcaremagic throught a colleage of mine in office who has used their doctor chat service. i thought of giving it a try. i logged in to the site and chatted with doctors after signing-up, the doctors on this site are very knowledgable, i had a detailed discussion about fever, sympotms, and they also suggested many useful tips and precautons while i was chatting with their doctor on their site. also, after couple of days i needed to see a doctor for myself, and it was very easy to find a good doctor in my locality using this site and fixing appointment with a doctor online is a nice thing and very useful. i fixed my appoinment online with the doctor i wanted to meet and got a quick response of confirmation from their customer support with timings to meet the doctor next day. it is a really innovative service and definitely, i will be recommending it to my friends.

Redmond, WA



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