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Health Management Resources (HMR)

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Very Helpful and Simple


After trying so many diets and not having much luck, I decided that I would read up a little more on the Health Management Resources. I have to say that this program has helped me so much in my weight loss goals. Health Management Resources explains the difference between good and bad calories and carbs. This isn't a strict diet but more of a way of showing you how to make healthier food choices. After I started making those better choices with how I was cooking and what I was eating, it seemed like it got so easy to lose the weight. Since using this program, I now have more energy and feel better than ever before. This Health Management Resources program has showed me so many helpful tips that I now follow as a way of life. This has been a very helpful program that was easy to understand and I would definitely recommend Health Management Resources to everyone.




Healthy way to lose weight and learn better eating habits


The HMR weight program is associated with a hospital near where I live although the program is available nation wide.  There are several different types of programs: a quicker weight loss program using shakes and meal replacements; a Healthy Solutions program that also allows fruits and vegetables, and a maintenance program to learn how to maintain your weightloss long term but can also be used to lose weight in a less restricted environment than the weight loss programs.  Weekly classes give attendees helpful ideas about eating, recipes, support and accountability.  The most restrictive program and the Healthy Solutions program both require weekly minimum purchases of HMR meal replacement products to be part of the program.  The Maintenace program does not. HMR is a very effective program when followed and learning to eat the minumum of fruits and vegetables per day instead of other less healthy food helps.  Their attitude is "more is better" in that you can have as much as you want of the meal replacements and fruits and vegetables and still lose weight on it.  This program is a little expensive, though, with attendance fees and required minimum purchases of their meal replacements.  People in the faster weight loss programs are required to complete medical tests before starting and have their blood pressure and medications monitored while on the program, too.


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Health Management Resources (HMR)

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