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Hawkins Futura 5 Liter Pressure Cooker

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Depends what you expect!!


This is a very helpful product if you are planning to cook something tasty and with all the proteins and vitamins en tact. It is very durable and easy to clean. I would say it is a five star product when it comes to design. Mainly it is very easy to use. You wouldn't regret buying it but do not expect a lot from it.

Kirksville, MO


awesome cookware


Futura pressure cooker is a great cookware . i have been using it for last 3 years,very easy to clean,looks fantastic..work well.it is just perfect for family of 5-6.pirice is little higher but worth buying. it comes with-Shielded safety valve,Long lasting gasket,Non-corroding hard anodized surface,Pressure locked safety lid,stay cool handlewould recommond this item to buy....

Edison, NJ


No messy pots and pans and a complete dinner to boot!


The Hawkins Futura 5 liter Pressure Cooker is a dream come true for all busy homemakers young and old.  The mystery of pressure cooking is solved once you start using it.  The old fear of having to scrape the dinner off the ceiling is disspelled.  With the new technology the lid can be removed as soon as the heat is turned off.  No more waiting for the pressure to be released through the safety vavle.  It is perfectly safe to use.  You will love the time saved preparing and cleaning up.  I started using a pressure cooker after seeing my parents use one all the years I lived at home. My father gave me one as a newly wed,  many years ago, and I have loyally used one ever since.  I would highly reccomment the Hawkins 5 liter Pressure Cooker to anyone who wants to simplify their life, save time and money and impress their family and friends.

Wilmette, IL


My sister owns one of these pressure cookers it works great!


I was at my sisters house not too long ago and we used this great pressure cooker! This cooker works really good on rice especially! We like it because it doesnt over cook when used correctly and does not make a mess! My niece and nephew can use this product without hurting themselves. Their ages are 7 and 10. My sister does not like to clean very much but this cooker is mostly an easy clean up. I would not suggest that you leave the food sit in this very long though because food will cake on if you leave the lid open and do not clean it right away. The sooner cleaned the better.

Louisville, KY


Sex, The Suddenly Single Guy and the Futura Pressure Cooker


That got your attention didn't it? Well don't worry, it's not just a hook. I can in fact connect the dots for you. So, the last time we heard from the "suddenly single guy" he (I) was mastering the art of creating pleasing tastes and aromas with his (my) Rival 6 Qt. Slow Cooker.  I was also crying a lot. Well, months have gone by and being "suddenly single" was becoming okay.  At least I wasn't crying as much.  My teenage daughters would pop over a few times a week and I actually found myself smiling a lot more. I also had  lot more time to go through all the great household goods given to me by my friends Dick and Donna.  Oh, I never explained about them did I?  Dick had been the CEO of a large household goods chain and companies flooded him and Donna with samples of their products.  When I moved out and into my own place with little more than my shoe trees, there were Dick and Donna with a freight pallet full of all the things they thought I might need.  It's good to have friends like Dick and Donna. So, one day while picking through all the boxes on the pallet I came across the Futura 5L Pressure Cooker. "Now what in the world am I going to do with this?" I thought.  But still, it was strikingly beautiful (Can you see the graphic?)  I mean it's almost sensual.  I read the cookbook.  I was impressed. **Pressure Cookers** Familiar?  In a nutshell pressure cookers cook by combining heat, liquid and tremendous pressure.  This allows them to cook amazingly quickly and they totally infuse the flavors of all the ingredients.  This really caught my imagination.  How quick is quick?  How about 46% faster than a microwave?  That's quick!  And, who actually cooks in a microwave? **The Futura 5L Pressure Cooker** Futura** **took that klugey looking device our grandmothers may have used and gave it some sex appeal.  Sleek in design, constructed of hard anodized aluminum and completely safety engineered it begs to be used.  My first creation using it?  **Paella.** Yup, and every bit as flavorfull as anything you might have had in Spain.  How long did it take start to finish?  About 30 minutes from fridge to table.  Keep in mind also that this was back when Rachael Ray was probably sneaking cigarettes in-between classes. You'll find no shortage of books stuffed with pressure cooker recipes in your local bookshop or library.  And, the web is full of them. **But sex Rudi, you promised us sex** Okay, okay.  As my proficiency with cookware and specifically my Futura Pressure Cooker increased I was emboldened to sign up for cooking classes sponsored by a local market in Westport, CT.  I met some wonderful women at those classes.  And in time I found myself more and more comfortable asking "Dinner at my place Friday?  I'm making Paella."  The rest is history.  In the words of someone who became a very close friend, "There's something so sexy about a man who is comfortable in the kitchen."  Of course soft candle light and Barry White have their places too. **Tips not mentioned in any cookbook** A spare oversized shirt, a bathrobe, an extra tooth brush and some decent shampoo and conditioner are good to keep on hand because you never know.  Do I need to mention clean sheets?  Oh right, I'm talking to guys here. **Don't forget clean sheets!** **And finally** Whether you're a "suddenly single guy" trying to work his way back into the world or just an adventurous cook who'd like to make some truly fine meals in a minimum of time, the Futura 5L Pressure Cooker has a place in your kitchen.  I highly recommend it. Mrs. Xeno's take on all this?  Let's just say she has a real appetite for paella. Now go and cook something good tonight. Regards, Rudi  

Boca Raton, FL


Hawkins Futura 5 Liter Pressure Cooker

4.4 5