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Hasbro Star Wars The Clone Wars Spinning Electronic Grievous Light Saber

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this lightsaber is great


i simple love this toy and so does my son. when i bought him this toy, he was so excited and begged me to play with him.we play for hours out of he week with it, i ended up having to buy a second one so that we could play more. my son really loves how it spins and lights up with all those colors, and i love how durable it is. hes a very rough and tumble kid and as much as hes played with this toy it has yet to break. the only issues i have with this toy are the price and it took my son a couple days to get it to spin right. its a little on the exspensive side, but not so much to make me regret buyin it.


Lexington, TN


Grievous Lightsaber Is Kind of a Dud


My kids are really crazy about all things Star Wars, from bedding to vehicles to video games, so naturally I thought they would like the Clone Wars spinning General Grievous (not "Grevious") lightsaber. The kids did take to it for a while--about fifteen minutes--but then grew tired of it. The physical construction is not subpar, and there is nothing really so bad about the idea of it, but they just didn't do for it. I actually like the sophisticated electronics in what is really just a kid's toys, but my boss has a strict "no lightsabers" policy at work, even on casual Fridays. I think the problem, for my kids, anyway, is that it is too complicated for a toy for little children and yet not cool or interesting enough for kids who are getting into laser tag and other more fast-paced games. Other kids might have a different reaction, of course. I am saving ours for when my sister's kids are out of diapers and might be interested in Star Wars things.


Stockton, CA


the hasbro spinning electronic grevious lightsaber is cool


The hasbro lightsaber is a pretty neat toy espiecially for kids ages 8 and up! the cool colors aqnd durabilty make it a must have for star wars fans!!my little cousin loved it! it actually makes the sounds of a real lightsaber! the only thing i thought it was a little expensive, but hey you cant put a price on that kinda stuff if your a true star wars fan!!


Colorado Springs, CO


Star Wars number one gift


It is always hard to find the right gift for my nephew.. ( the kid that has everything!!) When asked what he needed for Christmas the only answer I got was anything Star Wars!  After days of searching for a toy I found one that I believed was the best for him!  He loved it!  It is very realistic compared to what you see in the movie and you can actually see it light up in the day light unlike the others!!  Out come of this present was a great sucess the only present he still plays with a month after Christmas!


Washington Court House, OH


Hours of Fun with General Grevious Electronic Spinning Lighsaber


This toy is fantastic for your Star Wars fanatic. My son wanted it so bad for Christmas, I was afraid he built it up to be something too amazing in his mind, but it is actually really cool! You can use it as a double spinning lightsaber, a locked double lightsaber, one spinning lightsaber, one locked lightsaber, or two separate lighsabers. The combinations are great. He has had an absolute riot with it. It has not broken (so far) and my son plays rough.  This toy has worked out great because instead of bringing more than one lightsaber with to playdates, he can just bring the one and keep it all together better. It took a little bit for him to get the hang of the spinning action (he is 4), but once he had some time to practce, became a pro. It is a very long lightsaber when all put together, but as soon as it is nice, he can go play outside with it!! The sounds and lights are pretty cool as well. Overall, this is a great toy for any kid who is into Star Wars!


Oregon, IL


My kids LOVE the Grevious Lightsaver.


O.k I have 4 boys and almost all 4 are star wars fans. When this product came out I couldn't really afford buying 4 off them, so one christmas my family got together and they knew that thats what my kids wanted for christmas, so my family chiped in a bought 4 of the grevious lightsavers for each of my kids. So just imagine on christmas day there faces it was the best. They love everything about them. The real sound effect noises. How it spins and the colors. Specially they like to turn the lights off and turn there lightsavers on and let me tell you its so much fun, I even like to get in and play with them. To this day they still have it. They do last along time and my boys are pretty rought with there toys.


Avondale, AZ


grevious lightsaber is fantastic


We bought the Clone Wars Spinning Electronic Grevious Lightsaber for our son for his ninth birthday, and he really enjoys playing with it. In fact I have been drawn into quite a few battles with him over the last few days, and I'm actually getting to like it also. It is great when he has his friends over to play because they all are interested in using the lightsaber themselves. It seems to be well made, and it has already taken quite a beeting and it has held up remarkably well. We will definitely look for similar products made by Hasbro in the future when we are looking for companion toys for our son. The price was very reasonable, and with all it does, it lets his imagination run wild with all of his different battle situations. The lights and sounds it makes actually seem realistic to him. It took him a little while to get some good spinning moves down, but when he did it worked very smoothly. I would highly recommend this for kids who love the star wars theme.


Alpharetta, GA


Star Wars The Clone Wars Spinning Electronic Grevious Lightaber


I bought this for my son and he has not stopped playing with it since he unwrapped it.  He has had hours of fun pretending to battle evil.  The saber lights up, has a cool spinning action, great color combinations and is durable. The saber is moderately priced.   I would reccomend the saber for my son's friends and family.


Plano, TX


Star Wars Grevious Spinning Lightsaber is awesome


This is just what your teenager is looking for if they are a big fan of the Star Wars movies.  This lightsaber gives them the actions they are looking for while giving parents the satisfaction of knowing that they are actually using their muscles in their upper body for a good clean workout.  The fun begins when they can play with their friends and compete to see who can keep the spinning going.


Talent, OR


May the Force be with you


Well I bought this for a friend of mine little girl. Its great for her because she enjoys watching ths star wars series but she is also a bit of a tom boy. She loves to pretend she's fighting with it or she plays with her cousin when he comes over. She loves the sound effects and the lights, they make her imagination soar when she's playing. I like it because for her, it is a very durable toy. Also it is not too bulky, easy to manage when it needs to be put up and taken care of.


Lookout, CA


Hasbro Star Wars The Clone Wars Spinning Electronic Grievous Light Saber

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