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Happy's Head Trip Therapeutic Scalp Massager

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Very Relaxing


I liked this item. I found it very easy to use and very relaxing. It takes a time or two to get the way to use it down, but after I found it really relaxing. Everyone in our house loves it. I got it as a gift after using a friends and so can't speak about the cost.


Garden City, MO


Over priced christmas don't!!


Last Christmas, I received one of these contraptions from a family member. I thought it was a neat idea on their part, BUT.  Once I actually tried to use this useless ineffective contraption I found myself in a state that was far less relaxing. First off, the feeling of wires digging into my scalp was anything but a message. And secondly the vibrating or what ever it is doing needs to be stopped. My immediate reaction was to rush to the patents office and file a patent for a  hammer made of water, that I could sell the same sucker that bought this thing. If you are thinking about giving this to some one or buying it for your self please do not.


Saint Paul, MN


I tried it & gave it back


Okay, I have to admit that I have no idea why my daughter bought this thing and I have no idea why I agreed to try it.  She gave it to me one evening & I gave it back the next day.  WHAT does this company think you're going to do with this that you can't do with your fingers or a towel.   I tried it & got it tangled in my hair & it sure didn't relax me.   Save your money!  If you want to relax, wrap a warm towel around your neck, sit back & eat a chocolate bar.   If you want to massage your scalp then you can do that when you wash your hair.   It amazes me what they bring out on the market that they insist you just can't live without.  If you truly must have someone/something working away at your hair, do something nice for your significant other & then have him/her stand behind you & massage your hair/scalp.   Plus, the gentle touch of a human person will be much better than a metal thing twisting your hair.


Williamsport, MD


Happy's Head Trip Therapeutic Scalp Massager

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