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Haier HVZ035ABS Wine Cooler

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Separate your whites & colors & your whites & reds


To clean your clothes the best you separate your laundry into two piles - whites and colors. Similarly, you should separate your wines into (at least) two groups - whites and reds. Before I had this Haier wine cooler I kept all my bottles at room temperature. If I wanted red wine, I'd serve it straight from my wine rack. And if I wanted white wine, this look some planning, as I'd put it in my fridge for a couple of hours before drinking it. Sometimes I'd keep a white in my fridge so I'd always be ready, but usually not - my fridge is usually stuffed full of food and I'm never in that much of a hurry to drink or serve wine. As you now know it should, this wine cooler has two separately controlled temperature sections, so you can keep your whites colder than your reds. I like that this model has an LED electronic display - it makes it really easy to use and see what temperature each section is set to. Having a wine cooler has brought a level of sophistication and elegance to my kitchen. I have a corner that was pretty much dead space and that's where I keep the wine cooler - it fits well and now makes this corner of my kitchen functional. I like that this wine cooler is big - it's pretty tall. It's made to fit 35 bottles, so that is more than enough room for me and my collection, even during holidays, when I stock up on alcohol. The look of this model is sleek and modern, like the rest of my kitchen, and I like the tinted glass because it's like my wine has some privacy, resting in its cool place.

Huntington, NY


Haier HVZ035ABS Wine Cooler

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