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HP Photosmart C4580 All-In-One Printer

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great printer


I have had the Hewlitt Packard all in one printer for a couple of years now and I must say it is a wonderful printer with many functions and a great deal. The hewlitt packard all in one printer is an ink jet printer and it is very reasonably priced. It copies, prints and scans and does a wonderful job. The ink cartridges run out fairly quickly and cost quite a bit though so I would limit how much printing you want to do but I am sure this is the case with all printers. The buttons on the HP all in one printer are easy to puch and look very sleek. The lights a pleasant and tell you what you are doing. I have lost the cd that came with the printer to install the printer on my new computer but all I had to do was look up HP online and download he information so I could use this printer on my new computer. All in all this is a great basic printer and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Roseville, CA


Generally OK with My HP 4580 All-In-One Ink Jet Printer


I have all this all-in-one HP printer for a couple of years at least. Generally it prints well both on and off line. We do not use it for phpto copies just for printing online or offline. The quailty of the copies are good. The ink cartridges are not hard to change out but don't last very long or it seems that way and they do not give these ink cartridges away. It is not a large printer so you can fit it in a relatively small space. It is not that easy of a printer to set up for wireless connectivity. One of the most troublesome problems that I have is that the printer will go offline for no apparent reason. Sometimes I have to set the printer up again which is bothersome. Then sometimes all I have to do is unplug the printer power source and turn it back on and it works alright. The printer is not expensive so what could I really expect. For just regular printing I would recommend it.

West Columbia, SC


A low cost all in one


This HP All-in-one printer is a bit old so it shouldn't be too hard to find a cheap one. They have some great features, but also many quality issues. It comes with wireless that was pretty easy to set up on my Mac. It hooks up with your wifi and sends the documents from your computer to the printer. Unfortunately it is much harder to scan documents to your computer. It takes a long time, and about half the time my scanner won't even start, even though it tells me it does. It does print well, and if you have the proper picture paper, it prints pictures pretty well too. Mine came with a software pack which makes it easy to print pictures and scan. It also comes with slots which you can stick the SD card from your camera into the printer, choose the printers you want to print out, and then print them out. All in all it works pretty well and it still is for me after four years. I think that it's worth it although the newer versions are even better.

Groton, CT


HP Photosmart: nice when it works but mostly frustrating!


This printer seemed like a great purchase because I was really excited to be able to scan, copy and print all in one device. The other thing that I thought would be nice would be it's wireless capability, so that we could print to it from multiple computers.  Well, the printer only seems to work about 10-20% of the time because it is constantly disconnecting itself from the network and takes a lot of complicated steps to reset. My husband is a computer engineer and it still takes him about 30 minutes to reset this every time it stops working. For me, a printer should be reliable for when I need to print something and go; because of its unreliability I have gone back to using another printer and this one usually just sits on the shelf. When it is working I really enjoy it's capabilities but unfortunately it mostly collects dust. HP needs to do a lot of work on fixing this problem; I will not buy another HP without reading a LOT of reviews on it.

Maitland, FL


jams a lot


I have really terrible luck with printers in general, and the **HP Photosmart C4580 All-In-One InkJet Printer** is no exception. At first, when I got it, it seemed to work fairly well. Scanning things was pretty easy, as was making copies. Most importantly, the printer aspect of the all-in-one printer seemed to work pretty well, too. Well after a few months, it started going downhill. The printer started to jam a lot, even though I had not even used it that much. When I would put a medium stack of paper in the paper tray (maybe five to ten sheets of paper), it would sometimes suck up the entire stack of papers and then get stuck in the process. It was really frustrating having to deal with the constant paper jams. It got so bad that I basically have to print documents page by page, or else the printer will suck up all the paper at once and jam. I have had really bad experiences with all of my HP printers, so I would suggest looking into other brands.

Fremont, CA


I love my HP Photosmart printer


I love my photosmart printer. This printer has great quality on pictures. My husband and I purchased this printer when our other one died. We got it because of the all in one feature, and the wi-fi feature. This printer scans documents and pictures like they were just taken off of the camera. My 6 year old nephew was able to copy pictures on it, it is very simple to do. All the directions are on a small color screen, and has buttons to push to make the printer do what you would like. It also came with the HP program to be able to edit your pictures. It allows you to remove red eye and crop your photos, it is not as great as an expensive photo program, but will work for small minor changes to the pictures. Ink is also fairly inexpensive. I was worried when I had to buy new ink, but a color cartridge was 17, and a black 14. I have yet to use the wireless conection for printing, but will when we get our wireless set up.

Merry Hill, NC


Not a huge fan of this one.


This is a decent printer that can be found at a very low price. It handles all of the basics pretty well (scanning, making copies, printing, etc.) but I can't seem to get rid of the problem where the printer constantly wants to realign the cartridges and won't let your print until you do. You have to press "OK" to start printing and then quickly hit "cancel" to stop it from printing another test page. I'm not sure if this is just a problem with my printer or not, but even letting it run through the alignment process a few times doesn't solve the issue. Other than that annoying little issue, the printer works really well for its price. Ink is pretty expensive, but that's to be expected with pretty much every printer out there. The scanner is solid and good enough for any home use like scanning old photos or documents. Copying is a breeze and works with just the touch of a button. Overall, this is not a bad printer for the cost!

Monroeville, PA


HP Photosmart C4580 Printer is a good printer for the price


My husband and I have owned the HP Photosmart C4580 All in One InkJet Printer for almost two years.  We got the printer in a package with our desktop computer.  Because it came in the package deal, it is obviously not a top of the line printer.  However, it has been the best printer we have ever owned.  It scans, copies and prints in black and white as well as color.  The printing process is fairly fast, the scanning process is fairly easy and quick and the copy process is fairly fast.  It doesn't make the best copies you will ever see, but it does the job.  The print quality is very good and I have had no complaints.  One thing I do notice is that it needs to be reset before I can start a scan or copy.  I usually have to unplug the printer completely and then plug it back in and try scanning or copying again.  We don't use it that often, so that might be the reason, but if we used this feature often, it could be frustrating.

Ogden, UT


Awesome and easy printer


Just got my new wireless printer a couple of weeks ago.  It was a breeze to set up and so convenient without having to hook up my laptop in order to print.  I leave it in another room and can print off coupons, photos at any time without having to run back and forth to the printer.  The quality of the print is great and the pricing was wonderful.  I would highly recommend this printer to anyone looking for a lower cost quality wireless printer.

Port Charlotte, FL


Great wireless printer!


I have had this printer for awhile now and I have to say it works great. The wireless was easy to setup and worked with all my devices, including being able to print from my cell phone (with the right app) phone. It prints decent pictures, nothing I would complain about at all. Great printer for the price!

Houston, TX


HP Photosmart C4580 All-In-One Printer

4.0 17