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HP Officejet 7210 All-In-One Printer

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Great general use all-in-one.


I love my HP all-in-one.  It does a great job at printing and prints an acceptable speed.  It does a good job at printing pictures as well.  I like that it has a flat bed and a feeder.  I can place a whole stack of papers to fax on the feeder or I can scan a book if I needed to.  It also has lots of slots to accept SD cards and the like.  I like that I can easily download pictures from my digital camera to the computer without having to locate the wiring that belongs to the camera.  I just insert the card into my printer and it easily downloads on to my computer.  I have had some issues with the paper jamming in the past.  It certainly does not do well whenever I try to conserve paper by reinserting it to print on the reverse side.  The print cartridges don't seem to last long and are very expensive to replace.  I have USP connections to the computer and I believe it was pretty much plug and play when I installed it.   Ink/Paper Use Ink is expensive and needs to be replaced often if you print a lot of color images.

West Palm Beach, FL


HP OfficeJet 7210-It really is ALL in One!


We have had our HPOfficeJet 7210 for about 3 years now. It has served us very well. We have used it mainly for printing, scanning and copying. It has performed well in all those areas. We have not needed the fax function yet, so I cannot comment on that. The print quality is great and can be adjusted to one of three settings: fast/normal or best. Both color and black/white copies can be made. And, the printer accepts USB connections and memory cards which can come in very handy. Now the cons: the printer cartridges are expensive. The good news is that they last a long time! Also, HP is continually requesting to do updates when I start up the computer-usually close to every time I start it up. This gets tiring and it's difficult to know what is really required or not. All in all, a good buy. Would recommend.

Grand Rapids, MI


A good, reliable all in one printing solution


I have had my HP 7210 for over 3 years now.  This unit has impressed me with its durability and reliability. One of the features that attracted me to this printer was the proclamation that the ink cartridges lasted longer than other printers.  I use HP-only ink cartridges and have found the longevity to be excellent.  The cartridges do not cake up or dry out before they are used.  The cartridges are, however, somewhat expensive to replace so it is good they last! The printing quality can be changed from quick printing draft to high quality photo images.  Photos can easily be retrieved directly from your memory cards via the plug in area on the front of the printer. It is very handy to have an all in one unit that can fax, print, scan, and copy without having multiple machines taking up valuable office space.   I love the fact that it can be directly connected onto our home network.  Note that this model does not have wireless networking (newer versions have this feature). One note on the fax ... you can set it up to listen for incoming faxes on your regular phone line, but you must use the special cable.  If this cable is missing or damaged, you will need to get the special cable (see manual for details). Need to print from your iPhone?  There is now an app for that!  HP iPrint is available from iTunes and will allow you to print from your iPhone directly to your HP OfficeJet 7210.  In today's mobile world, this is an awesome feature! Overall, I am very happy with the diverse functionality of my HP printer and would recommend it to others.

Florence, TX


The Hewlett Packard OfficeJet 7210 is everything I need.


The HP OfficeJet 7210 All-In-One is  great  for my home office.  I  can Scan Pictures into my web page or put them in my e-mails.  The printer quality is great, pictures come out looking like Photos,  and when i need to fax it's right there and ready to go.

Fallbrook, CA


Overall, a good product


The HP Officejet 7210 All-in-One is perfect for those that need a good quality printer, copier, scanner and fax.  However, I don't use the fax capability anymore but when I used to, it pretty much worked on its own.  Set up was fast and easy.  I still use the scanner and printer capability just about every day and found that using genuine HP ink cartridges print in better quality than the knock offs.  I have had my HP Officejet 7210 All-in-One for many years and has never needed maintenance.  I do an occasional ink cartridge cleaning and that's about it.  The scanner scans well, I use the HP Director, I don't know if it's my computer or not, but the when the scanner option button is pressed on the HP, it seems to take a long time to communicate with my computer.  Sometimes, I wait for minutes before the HP will start scanning.  The HP has many options for when you print, copy or scan and overall, I like it, and think it's a very good product.

Branford, CT


HP inkjet printers are junk


Beware of HP inkjet printers. They have a reputation for serious engineering flaws associated with the wire clips that hold the cartridges in place. Mine came loose without my knowing it when I changed out a cartridge and when I put in the new one, the printer did not recognize it. I tried all the online solutions and spent half a day talking to HP support with no luck. Finally I went to an online site, FIX YOUR OWN COMPUTER. Within a few minutes I had found the source of the problem and tried putting the spring back in place. It would not stay, so I tried superglue. However, the circuitry behind the cartridge had been punctured when the spring came loose and now the printer is worthless. This is a well-known design flaw on the HP inkjet and HP refused to do anything since I have had the printer about 18 months. I told the representative on the phone that I understood, but she needed to tell her management that I'll never buy another HP product again and will tell everyone I know to avoid them like the plague. HP is not what it used to be. I have a 4L laser (about 20 years old) that is still going strong.

Cary, NC


If you have the space, this is (almost) perfect home office AIO


***Bottom-Line:*** If you need a scanner, copier, (photo) printer and fax, the **HP** **Officejet 7210 **is probably the right choice for you. Over the intervening years, I have installed several different models of Hewlett Packard's excellent line up of multi-function printers: the *HP Officejet 7410, HP Officejet 7310, HP Officejet 6210*, and the* HP Officejet 6110*.  And now the latest member of our growing multi-function printer team, the **HP Officejet 7210**.  **My Viewpoint        ** The **Officejet 7210** is a multifunction printing device (compatible with PC as well as Macintosh) that allows you to print, scan, copy, and fax all from one unit.  The **Officejet 7210** has the added capability of printing photos directly from the unit and will accept input from all manner of removable and or portable memory devices including *SD Media, MultiMediaCard (MMC), **CompactFlash (Type I & II), Memory Sticks, SmartMedia, xD-Picture Card, *and* USB (PictBridge*) *port* for connecting directly to a digital camera.  In addition, connectivity is accomplished by (1) USB, and (1) Ethernet port on the rear of the unit.  Despite the **HP Officejet 7210's** size, it is surprisingly light and manageable.  Anyone familiar with the earlier *HP* All-n-One's will be right at home with the front panel controls, but unlike more expensive Officejet models there is no 2.5" color display.  There is instead a 2-line monochrome display.  Unlike, its larger brethren, the **Officejet 7410**, the **Officejet** **7210** does not ship with an extra 250 sheet paper tray; nor does the printer offer wireless networking, or a duplex unit standard.  But the **Officejet** **7210** does offer Ethernet wired networking capabilities via a built-in 10/100 Ethernet port on the read of the unit.  Once set up, computers speak directly to the printer via the network abrogating the need for a dedicated print server, or *Windows* sharing.  **Note:** *the ****Officejet 7210**** can also be connected directly to a PC via a USB cable (not included), in which case its printer functionality can be shared. When setting up the printer the choice must be made to choose one connectivity method or another, both cannot be used at once.*         The **Officejet 7210 **also features an** **automatic document feeder, copy collating, fax, copy and scan; copy, scan, and print up to legal size; and 150-sheet total input paper capacity.  The **Officejet 7210 **offers print and copy speeds up to 30 ppm black (econo), and up to 20 ppm color, with up to 4,800-optimized dpi color and laser-quality text.  Finally, the **Officejet 7210 **can fax in black and color and scan with resolutions of up to 2,400 dpi optical and up to 19,200 dpi Enhanced resolution. **Software Installation** Be prepared, this installation will take a while to accomplish (up to 35 minutes on older machines) and could take up to 700MB of hard drive real estate.  And while it involves very little end user interface, the installation plows through several steps before it accomplishes its goal of tying the client workstation(s) directly to the **Officejet 7210**.  **Note:** *do not attempt to install this software over a network connection, it will take an inordinate amount of time to complete, and may not install all of the features.*  With the software is installed the workstation (via USB, or network) will be able to print, scan, fax, and copy from the **Officejet 7210**.  However, if USB is the chosen communications method, only the print function of the unit can be shared with other computers.         **Printing ** Pretty straight forward; the software installation process installed a full set of print drivers on each workstation, which in turn give you complete control over the printing process, including two-sided printing.  As mentioned above, printing to the **Officejet 7210** is accomplished via the *HP Officejet 7200 Series *print device in **Printer and Fax.  ** **Scanning** Initialing the scanning process on the **Officejet 7210** can be via the *HP Director* or the front panel.  Once an item is placed either on the automatic document feeder (maximum 20 sheets), or directly on the scanner glass surface, you can push the *Scan *button on the front panel, at which time you choose-via director-what you want to do with the scan; i.e. scan into OCR, or HP Image Zone.    Alternatively, you can choose to scan into a file, and after the scanning process is complete the HP Director will allow you to save the scan is one of several different formats, including .DOC, .PDF, .TIFF, .JPG, and .BMP.               **Copy Process** This process, like printing is pretty straight forward; both color and black & white copies can be made, up to 99 at a time.  Copies can also be enlarged up to 144%, or reduced down to 25% of original.    **Faxing** Faxing from the **Officejet 7210** can be accomplished one of three ways; at the **Officejet 7210 **front panel**; **remotely via HP Director; or through an application on your workstation utilizing the *HP Officejet 7200 Series Fax* device installed in *Printers & Faxes***.**  The last two methods provide the most control over the look and feel of the fax, including the ability to draw addresses from a shared address book.  The **Officejet 7210** is capable of sending and receiving both color and black & white faxes at a speed of 33.6Kbs, and speed-dial preset are avail via the front panel of the printer.  **Working with Photos** As stated above, the **Officejet 7210** will accept input from a number of commercially available portable memory storage devices, slots for which are located on the right hand side of the printer.  Alternatively, a digital camera can be attached directly to the printer via the built-in PictBridge connection on the front of the unit.  Simply choose a photo via the camera's screen and print; the **Officejet 7210** will interact with the camera.    **Concluding Viewpoint ** The **Officejet 7210** represents (to me anyway) a quantum leap in the All-n-One functionality arena; finally we (the clamoring, demanding public) have hassle-free scanning and fax sharing across the network at a very reasonable price-point.  There is reason Hewlett Packard dominates this segment of the printing market; it's called innovation.     Built-in wired Ethernet capability make the **Officejet 7210** a versatile, flexible unit that is ideal for the small office or home user and a small workgroup setting; I wouldn't install the unit on a floor with more then ten users, however.  If your home, small business, or small workgroup needs a printer, scanner, copier, and fax, the **HP** **Officejet 7210 **might be the right choice for you.

Aurora, IL


HP Officejet 7210 All-In-One Printer

3.9 7