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HP LaserJet MFP All-In-One Printer

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HPs laserjet color printer puts out the best images I have ever seen in a home office or a business. Absolutely hands down the best printer I have ever used in my life! Setup is a breeze with a very intuitively designed 2.5" touch screen that walks you through every step of the setup process. This screen will help you set it up, get it on your network and help you locate specific specs and apps that you need. I find this printer a marvel. I can print from anywhere at anytime. I was in an Über and printed documents that I needed to sign and drop off across town. This feature makes my life so incredibly easy. I ran in and grabbed the documents and back to the waiting vehicle. I am constantly printing, editing and reprinting different items at my home business and this printer can keep up. My HP LaserJet automatically prints on both sides of the page without any unnecessary hassle of entering it into the print commands. The security on this printer is excellent. This prevents me from having to deal with any printer related attacks, which I have experienced before. It's also extremely fast. Mere moments are all it takes to get my first page out after sending the command. My entire family can print from their individual devices whenever they choose, from my business documents to my sons high-school reports, my daughters junior-high projects to my husbands scrapbooking hobby, everyone can use it for all their printing needs. It's so easy to print from for anyone. Truly the most versatile and highest quality product. This printer is the definition of excellence.

Lee, Maine


Truly a great printer!


**Hewlett Packard LaserJet M2727 All-In-One Printer**   **We just purchased this printer at work and I absolutely love it.  It is so fast and the graphics print really well. The scanner works very well and a very reasonable speed.  I wouldn't call it really fast but not ridiculously slow either.....a really nice in between place.  We don't scan alot so it will be appropriate for our office.  The copy feature is really nice as well with the document feeder on top it helps to keep the dust out from the image screen. The manual is very easy to understand and is helpful in setting up the cd onto the computer.  We networked the printer to 4 other users and all have completely fallen for it.  They love it as well.  The envelope feeder and manual feed tray work well too.  I have not tried labels yet...but need to do so soon.  I'm sure they will be okay.  The only negative I've seen is that there is only one paper tray but you do have the option to buy another...which I might end up doing.  I truly reccommend this printer.**

Linville, VA


Love this printer


I am a business and computer literacy teacher for grades seven through twelve and bought this printer to be used in my classroom. The printer works fantastic and is very quiet. I have been using it daily in my classroom for three months now. All my students print to this printer and I run copies as well. It has not run out of ink yet. I love the fact that it also copies front and back. The scan quality is very good. I do not have the need or the capabilities to use the fax aspect of the machine so I can't comment on that. The machine is quite large and heavy. The printer does not come fully assembled, but the directions were very clear and the set-up was easy.I have this printer networked to 26 computers, both Dell and HP computers and have had no trouble at all. I have not had any reason to call customer service with this printer, but in the past I have used HP support and they were very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Ruston, LA




HP LASERJET M2727nf is a dependable machine. The scan quality is superb. Its multi function capability [ print, copy, scan, fax ] makes it a versatile tool for a person like me who is computer-dependent all the time. The only con about the product is its size and weight.

Sayreville, NJ


HP LaserJet MFP All-In-One Printer

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