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HP LaserJet 6p Printer

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Great printer for all sorts of printing jobs


Whether you are printing something for work or home, this HP LaserJet printer prints great. I have this printer on my desk at my office. It does not take up alot of space and prints great quality pictures and graphs. The only complaint that I do have is when the ink is running low the papers tend to get streaks on it. My employer allowed me to choose the printer I wanted and I shopped around quite a bit before selecting this one. So far, I have been impressed and very happy. I am able to print both black /white and color copies. The ink can be a bit expensive but I am not being required to refill as quickly as some other printers I have had in the past. You cannot go wrong with this product. Performance This printer works very good and is fast. Copy Quality Both copies and pictures print out great on this. Ink/Paper Use Ink can last longer than most other printers but you need to keep an eye out for lines in your paper when it is running low. Ease of Use Easy to use




Hewlett Packard 6p: Nothing Pretty, but it Gets the Job Done


Many manufacturers make printers and some companies are known exclusively for their expertise in this area. I have used printers from many different companies over the years, with Lexmark, IBM, Canon, and Epson listed among the brand names I am familiar with. But of all the companies that make printers, the one I have used more than any other is Hewlett/Packard. And one of the printers I have used in my work office is the **Hewlett/Packard 6p Laser Printer**, a small to medium sized printer designed for personal use. **Printer Commentary:** HP 6p is a small desktop printer designed for home use or for office use when the need for a fast printer is low and consumers can tolerate the slower than average output of sheets per minute (about 8) and do not mind the fact that the printer can print only in black and white.  This printer isn't very large and because of this, it fits easily on most desktops. It doesn't require a lot of room, but you need to make sure there is enough open space in the front to pull the paper tray out if necessary and/or to open the upper paper tray for those times when you need to use legal paper, print checks, etc. In the time I have used this printer (more than two years), I have had mostly positive experiences. First of all, the paper rarely becomes jammed. The paper feed from the lower tray performs its job with flying colors with almost no mishaps. And even when it does become jammed, because it is a small printer, I have found that I can usually grab the edge of the jammed sheet and with a careful tug, I can remove it from the printer without tearing and without having to take anything apart. The other positive quality of this printer worth noting is the ink cartridges. The price per cartridge is high, but they last a very long time. I was surprised at how many sheets I printed using the ink from the same cartridge. It lasted so long, in fact, that I started to wonder if someone had secretly replaced my cartridge when I wasn't around. According to some sources I have checked, one cartridge in this printer is good for about *7,000 sheets(*!) so there is no need to worry about replacing the cartridge for a long time. Even though I like this printer and its capabilities, it is important to point out its shortfalls so that potential buyers know. One problem I have noticed is with the upper paper feed tray. This tray folds down to open and it is used for legal paper, envelopes, and other things. The problem with it is that it is common for the printer to accidentally pull through multiple sheets from this tray. This has never happened to me using the 8.5 by 11 inch paper from the bottom tray. It only happens when using legal paper. And it doesn't happen sporadically- it happens consistently. To get around it, as a rule, I always feed the larger sheets through by hand, one sheet at a time. Also, you need to make sure when you start to print using this upper tray that you have at least one piece of paper in the tray. There is a sensor on the upper tray and if there is no paper in place, the printer will automatically default to the lower tray. It won't warn you with a friendly "check the upper tray" message. It will just go ahead and draw from the lower tray. The other thing about this printer that isn't the best is the tight fit of the lower tray. The lower tray performs its function nicely, but it fits into place very snugly. So snug, in fact, that it is sometimes hard to pull out and hard to push back into place. It's nice that HP wants the tray to stay in place, but they could have made it a little looser than they did. I find that I have to place one hand on the printer and then give the tray a good, solid push to get it in place. Without holding the printer first with one hand, due to the tightness of the tray, it will cause the entire unit (which isn't very heavy anyway) to slide a little bit on the table top. **Bottom Line:** Overall, this is still a pretty good printer from Hewlett/Packard. HP really needs to improve the problem with the upper tray and the tightness of the lower tray. Otherwise, this is a good, basic, tabletop printer that almost never jams and is more efficient with ink than most any other printer I have ever used.  


Houston, TX


HP LaserJet 6p Printer

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