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HP Crimson Red 10.1" Mini 210-2090NR Netbook PC

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Great First Netbook


The HP 10.1" Mini 210 Netbook PC is the first netbook I have owned and so far I have been extremely impressed and satisfied with my purchase. It is small, slim and very stylish. The color red was a major selling point for me. It really does stand out and gets your attention. This netbook is great for surfing the net and keeping you up to date and entertained while you are on the go. It is easy to store and carry. I was surprised by just how light weight the netbook feels. But it doesn't feel too light weight and cheap. They keyboard is really easy to use and makes high speed typing a breeze. The touch pad is equally as impressive. It is responsive without being overly sensitive. It has a nice resistance. Battery life is about 7 hours (not quite the 9 hours advertised), plenty for while you are on the go. Unfortunately the netbook does come pre-installed with a bunch of bloated software, such as Norton internet security. Personally, I would have preferred not to have these trials pre-installed, but I understand why they are and you can delete them if you so choose. Overall I would highly recommend this netbook. It combines a great price with great features. A++

New York, NY


Great for travel!


My husband just purchased this to have a laptop to use when we travel and not have to take our larger, heavier home computer (also a laptop). I am not one for having to take a computer everywhere I go so this will end up being his little gadget, I'm sure. We were amazed at how lightweight this HP Netbook is - in fact, I think it weighs about as much as its battery. The battery life on it seems great to us and we are able to work on it for quite a few hours before stressing out about finding an outlet. It has no frills but it is great for just the basics - jotting down some notes and getting onto the internet. We are able to use Skype to talk to family without any problems and if you use an external flash drive, you can save all your projects without taking up all the computer's small memory. If I were still in grad school, I would definitely be interested in having one of my own if nothing else but for note-taking in class. That would've been really nice to have!

Folsom, CA


So far so good


I got this netbook to share with my kids. I take it to classes to access online class info and take notes. The kids no longer have to argue or wait to use the computer. I love the lightwieght netbook. and I have not had any problems with speed or memory - even when on Facebook or Facebook games. Even though one would think not having a disc drive would be an issue, but I havent missed it considering what we use it for.

Stratford, NJ


HP Crimson Red 10.1" Mini 210-2090NR Netbook PC

4.7 3