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HP Color LaserJet MFP All-In-One Printer

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Good All-in-one


Ive had 2 lazer printers in the past few years, and this one definitely has the most features. It is an easy to setup printer, that has fantastic quality. I am a student, and need to print a lot of papers, scan tons of papers, and even occasionally fax papers, so this all-in-one has come in handy. This is much smaller than my previous laser printer, even with its added features. While this printer prints fantastic quality pages, its does have a few problems. One of the major problems is its constant cleaning. Every few hours and after almost every use, this printer goes throught a cleaning and calibration process. While the process doesn't last for too long, it is loud and often happens at odd intervals. Another large problem with this printer, is that every page that it prints is curved. While curved pages may not be the end of the world, it looks much nicer on a report to have completely flat pages. If you can look past either of those issues, you'll be very happy with this printer; its cost effectve, fast, and very high quality.

Harrison Township, MI


Great print quality for docs and photos!


I really love the print quality from this machine....both for print documents and photos.  It really does a good job.  I've had other color laserjet all-in-one machines before, so I was used to some of the initializing & calibrating pauses that these machines seem to require, but it's never been a huge delay, just a few moments.  This machine is doing a good job with paper handling which some of my prior machines did not do as well as they had jamming issues occasionally.  My only "complaint" about this particular machine is that it's very complicated.  It does e-mail, which I could have actually used on an occasion or two to relay some documents to a client without a fax, but I didn't have the time or patience to figure it out, although I plan to do that soon.  It's also got another advantage over some of the prior all-in-one machines that I've used.  You can change all 4 of the toner cartridges in one pass without having to wait for the machine to rotate through all the various color cartridges....a big plus when you don't have time to waste.

Summerfield, FL


HP Color LaserJet MFP All-In-One Printer

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