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Green Tea Mega EGCG (100 veggie Capsule) (Antioxidants) (ProHealth)

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EGCG in case you didn't know is the main antioxidant, or at least the one that gets the most press in drinks like green tea. Habitual consumption of green tea has been shown to reduce risks of many diseases, mainly through its antioxidant effect. This effect is highly attributed to EGCG, but also exists in many other compounds found in the tea itself. Saying this, EGCG supplements are a great way to begin an antioxidant regimen and supplement an already healthy diet and exercise program. Whether these supplements are being taken to aid in a detoxification or to help with an exercise regimen, they do a decent job of providing the benefits of chronic tea drinking. This being said, drinking the whole tea is more effective than supplementation due to the dosing standards of the tea itself as well as the other chemicals in the tea working to compound the effects of EGCG.



Green Tea Mega EGCG (100 veggie Capsule) (Antioxidants) (ProHealth)

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