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Graco Nasal Clear Nasal Aspirator

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Great invention


Such a wonderful product. I love that it plays music to help soothe the child while you use the aspirator. When I first started using it I didn't think it was working until I sucked up some water to clean it and saw the snot. It was really disguisting to see it all just floating in the collection cup. Cleans easy very simple to use, wonderful product to get all the snot out and works like a charm. I wish I had it with my first born. Really helps keeps noses clear longer then the regular aspirator and you know it is clean and don't have to worry about sticking it to far up the nose. My little girl loves to get the snot sucked and my son loves listening to all the songs they play. You do have to push a different button to play the music, it would be nice that it would do it automatically when you start sucking the snot but it works and it doesn't take to long to clean it up. Comes with 2 attachments and a little carrying bag too.

Wentzville, MO


Graco Aspirator sucks more than the bulb.


Graco Aspirator is really nice because it sucks boogies out of my sons nose. It is not too stong and it is not too weak. You don't have to keep pumping and releasing like you do with the bulb. It's a constant suck. It also has music that you can play that will distract the baby as you begin to suck the boogars out. It has two different connection pieces for the hard boogars and another connection for the runny boogars. It really sucks! It has a clear storage unit at the bottom of the sucky part and you can see all the snot that was once in your baby nose. There is only one problem that I have with the aspirator... It is a chore to clean. This is a problem for me because I can be lazy at times. I usually use the aspirator while I am in bed about to sleep. Having to get up and rinse out the parts is a chore. I am sure that I could probably leave it over night, but that would not be sanitary... I mean, come on you can see the boogars through the glass part. Could you imagine coming back in the morning to see the once slimmy boogars now a hard rock. I would guess it would be harder to clean out. So, if I can give any advice I would say, be ready to clean after EVERY use... And it's really gross... So, clean it in your sink with warm water. Paper towel or napkins by itself wont do the job.

Clarksville, TN


Graco Nasal Aspirator is Helpful


When my first son was born, I was the typical nervous first time mom.  I wanted the best of everything for him.  He was a preemie, so I worried with every cold.  At one point, I purchased the Graco nasal aspirator to have another option. This tool has worked for me.  It is quite noisy. We started off playing the music and running the motor to make a game of it so he would associate it with fun. That sort of worked. The suction is decent. It comes with 2 tips for different shaped noses.  It is great to use suction/saline/suction for the most success. When we aren't dealing with illness or congestion, this tool is a great distraction during diaper changes. I can hand it to my toddler and he will happily play the music rather than try to escape.   I feared that this product would be difficult to clean. It is not. All of the pieces come apart and can be washed with soapy water. I have been using this product for over two years without problems.  I have purchased it as a shower gift dor several moms.  Is it a necessity? No. Is it helpful? Yes.

Wheeling, WV


The music is the best part of this tool!


I love this product for the runny noses! It plays music to distract your child and has 2 different nozels for nose sizes. The only issue is if the buggers get stuck, the suction is not quite powerful to get them out

Osakis, MN


So so...


I bought this product because I think that it would be a great alternative to the nasal aspirator that we've got from the hospital. In winter time we clean our baby's nose everyday if not for few times a day so we thought that this item will save us time and some nerves as well :) But this item scaries my baby so that she does cry so hard when I suck out her nose. I used it several times thinking maybe it was wrong time or it was just me.The music does not  make my baby any more at ease. I did try both applicators he small and the big one..no matter. And another complain is that it needs to have stronger suction first at all because after each use I have to use the handy hospital nasal aspirator anyway to make this job done. So ALL in all, I think that this product is ok. But was it worth the money? And the answer will be NO. I wish It had variable suction power.  So I can not recommend it and advise to use regular aspirator or buy another one.

Omaha, NE


waste of money, just use the aspirator from the hospital


We came home with the plastic blue nasal aspirator from the hospital but as first time parents we had no idea what we were doing. When my son was a few weeks old he had his first cold and was very congested. It wasn't draining out of his nose and seemed to be deep inside him. I was a nervous mother and ran out to the baby store to buy the Graco aspirator. What a waste of money. The music may work to convince little kids that they are not being attacked by an aspirator but it didn't suck anything out of his nose. It doesn't turn off and we had to take out the batteries to get it to stop. The suction is minute and while there is a clear area to see whatever gets pulled out, that remains empty. This aspirator is a joke and can not compete with the effectiveness of the free blue one that we came home with. I liked the idea of this product much more than the reality of it. A baby will probably never like any aspirator but if I am going to stick something in a nose, I want it to work.

Avon, NY


The one item I wish we had gotten earlier!


My daughter gets a runny, stuffy nose ALOT.  We would try to use the green bulb they give you at the hospital and she would throw a fit!  We tried other nasal aspirator bulbs- each time she would totally freak out. At 6 months old she had to be admitted into the hospital due to the flu, the hosital used a battery operated nasal aspirator on her and it worked so fantastically!  Once we got home from the hospital we ran out and bought one.  We pick the Graco Nasal Clear Nasal Aspirator for a couple of reasons-  price, the Graco name, and the music it plays to distract the wee one. The first time we used it our daughter actually giggled.  GIGGLED!  She thought it was hilarious, and I guess it tickled a bit.  It did a great job of sucking all that snot out as well.  And it is soooo easy to clean, there are 4 parts- 3 to clean- and it is super easy to do. Our daughter does not throw a fit when we need to suck her nose out anymore,  she gets kinda of excited about it actually.  So it is a win, win for all of us!

Columbia, MO


Graco Nasal Clear Nasal Aspirator

3.9 7