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Givenchy Pi

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I have used your cologne for years but it is NOT the same .


The men's Givenchy Paris Cologne has changed to NO scent and after many years of use, I'm trashing the last bottle and will change colognes. This is the 2nd bottle I have discarded. I thought the other bottle got old so bought a new one , am now throwing new one away. I used this cologne for years and had many compliments but NO more. I surely am not alone on this problem !! UNHAPPY CUSTOMER and shall not return.


Hannibal, Mo.


Great vanilla scent


Absolutely gorgeous vanilla-based scent. This a great option if you are looking to to branch out from the generic aquatics and woody fragrances. The warm vanilla and benzoin combo is just fantastic and is definitely worth the price in my opinion. Quite possibly, the best vanilla-based fragrance for the money.




Would have to agree....


I do LOVE a good scent. Pi is just that...a good scent that wears well in all settings. I like to wear a scent that leaves an impression(the right one...LOL)and this does just that. Great for the fall\winter time for it's crisp and lasting tone! While it is a bit on the quality price side if you want to spend a little extra on a fragrance this is the way to go. This fashion house always delivers the goods in the scent department and are still holding true!


Washington, DC


Smells Amazing


Givenchy Pi is my husbands absolute all-time favorite cologne. For the record, he is only thirty, and has been wearing it since he was since he he was in his early twenties. I don't think it is an older-guy scent, really. I find it sophisticated. It is woodsy, spicy, and a bit earthy. It is a subtle scent, not overpowering, and most importantly NOT musky. There is nothing I dislike more than a super musky scent on a guy. Too much musk reminds me of covered-up BO, you know? It isn't cheap, that's for sure. But, the bottle lasts my husband a long time. And, when he runs out, it's a sure bet for a birthday, valentine's or Christmas gift. I just can't lose when getting him Givenchy Pi. Finally, I like the design of the bottle. It has classy, clean lines and a pretty cool closure system. Really, what's not to like? A super cool bottle filled with a chick-magnet scent. Sounds like a winner to me.


Phoenix, AZ


Pi is good for older gentlemen


I bought this because everyone gave good reviews.  Its not one off my favorite ones....   Believe it or not I get the most compliments from my cheaper colognes such as curve and rue 21's black cologne.  Some others in the **Givenchy Pi's **price range that are nice is Polo Black, hermes green bottle, and Givenchy** Play.  **The Play by Givenchy is amazing!  Keep in mind I'm going by women's opinions that I receive while wearing these and they are younger females around 18-25 age range.  I have been told that the Pi smells good but smells more older gentlemen age range than what I'm going for.  I actually gave the Pi to my father and my mom loves it!  It definitely to be worn on a night out on the town in slacks and at least a nice shirt, if not suit...  So as the conclusion to this if you are younger than 30's or at least dating women in there twenties choose one of the others I mentioned before and they won't be able to get close enough to you.  But, i you are the older male impressing your wife or older group they will compliment this cologne.  Depends on your age.


Walkerton, IN


my man's fave


*I love this scent on my husband, its been several years since I purchased it for him.* *He has enjoyed wearing it on special occasions and otherwise, and yes he has tried* *a number of other fragrances, but this one seems to be his scent of choice.* *Givenchy Pi is a most sensual indulgence.*


San Antonio, TX


Givenchy Pi


First ran across this in a scented ad in a magazine. It was more distinctive than any fragrance I'd sampled before so I picked some up online. The scent is warm, sensual, and not overpowering like other fragrances.


Breckenridge, MN


When i wear PI -women will stop to ask"what do you have on!!!"


When i wear Pi- by Givenchy... women will leave the men they are with to ask me what fragrance , do i have on.It dosent matter if you are at work, at a club, or just at the mall the fragrance is alluring, sensual. an confident!!!


Arlington, TX


Givenchy Pi is my favorite mens colonge.


Givenchy Pi for men is the best alluring cologne that I have come in contact with yet. I mean this is just a wonderful combination of just pure smell good chemicals. This is a cologne that has turned a many of heads. I think who ever made this cologne should be proud. I purchase some of this at my local mall for a friend and I smelled it before I purchased it. I wasn't sure if he would like it or not. I made the right decision. I mean this cologne leaves your clothes smelling good. This smell just lingers for a long time. I can say that this would be cologne that is good for all ages of men. You know that it is very manly cologne that is clean and has an attractive smell. I think that the style of the bottle is also attracting as the smell. It is so uniquely made. I like the bottle shape it's different and seems to be one of a kind. I would say that this cologne is worth purchasing. I know that it's worth the price.


Smithville, GA


Pi Is Simply Yummy


Yummy, Yummy, Yummy......Givenchy Pi is the best fragrance for your man when he is on a date with you. It is a warm woody not too sweet smell that works very well with my husband's chemistry. It works so well, that when we are out together other women ask me "what he is he wearing"?. I had a lady at my bank want to take him home. It is great value, he has had the same bottle for three years, and since you don't have to use alot the 3.5oz will last a very long time. I just love Pi on my man and I thick you will love it on yours.


Pomona, CA


Givenchy Pi

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