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Eau de Toilette
Ed Hardy
Ed Hardy Men's Eau de Toilette

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A birthday present to me from my wife (and for my wife).


I'm not a huge scent guy; I prefer my stinky, sweaty man smell, but I like to keep my wife happy and interested in me. She got me this product for my birthday (or maybe it was Christmas) after trying every cologne in the store (her words). This was her favorite. After wearing it many times, I've grown to appreciate how to smells on me. Now I know that everybody is different, and colognes work differently with different people. All I can say is that my wife and I really enjoy this product. The "artwork", on the other, is something we still disagree on.




Like all Ed Hardy's. Terrible


I don't even know why I try sometimes. With my past experiences with Ed Hardy, a sane person would tell me to stay away from this 3.4 fl oz. bottle. But I decided that maybe the brand deserved a second chance. The bottom line? It didn't.             I don't even know where to begin with this particular fragrance. I think I will just start with the packaging. The bottle itself is extremely over worked in art. The ink seems to be all over the bottle and has completely covered everything. The coloring seems very childish to me. Cologne of this price range usually should signify some sort of dignity and/or suave. With the design of the entire Ed Hardy line, dignity could hardly be used. Moving on to the fragrance itself: the first word that could come to mind would be musk. Not just your regular run of the mill man musk, more like elephant musk. It reeks like body odor and is unpleasant. If I was ed hardy, id seriously look into changing the entire lineup.    


Pearland, TX


Gets Me All the Girls


this is a great smellig fragrance...definitely two-thumbs up on it. This cologne is very well recommended when goin out on a date with that special someone, to any outing that fits the smoothe breathetaking swagged out aroma this fragrance gives off. As a big part of the public will notice as you basically float through a crowd of people. I have recieved many compliments  each time i spray this cologne onto myself. I am veyr big on cologne so for me to be writing about this ,should tell you something.It may even help you get a job on an interviewOf course personality coems along with it as well but it sure puts a female interviewer on her toes. The girlfriend loves it and cant keep her hands off me < i personally think its more so myself bing the reason of that but Ed Hardy cologne sure does just what it is intended to.each time bonafide. I once wore this fragrance to church and i seemed to be the center of attention at least i thought .


Columbia, SC


I got this as a gift


I'm sorry but I got this as a gift one year from a friend on my 25th birthday.   I absolutely do not like this perfume at all, or cologne as you may call it.   I think it has an awful smell!   I never really was into the whole ed hardy trend - I don't see as much of it as I used to maybe becuase they are sooo expensive and really don't put out that great of a product.                                                              I'm sure that some people to enjoy this product, but for me awful choice.  I was very dissapointed to have this as a gift - ha probably regifted it to me.   I'm just not that type of style I guess.                                                                                                      I would not recommened this product.  Just isn't my choice - doesn't smell good, costs to much money, not my style.   I think there are better products out there for the money and better quality.


Phoenix, AZ


Great Smelling Cologne.


**I first became aware of**  **Ed Hardy Ed Hardy Men's Eau de Toilette, 3.4 oz. while walking in the French quarters. There was a vendor selling various incents and oils. I tried the oil labeled Ed Hardy and liked it. I purchased the oil and recieved so many comments when I put it on. I decided to go to the mall and purchase the actual cologne. I got the bottle at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this prouduct. **


Gretna, LA


Ed Hardy Men's Cologne smells awesome


Let me just say if it does not smell good than I prefer for my husband not to wear it. I was in the store and had to pick up some cologne for my husband for Valentine's Day and this was my first choice. It is not a strong scent that wil make you cough, but a scent that attracts you to the person wearing it.


Jacksonville, FL


The smell will drive you wild.


I bouhgt it for my husband once I loved the smell. The smell will last all day. Its like every girl would want. A badboy sweetheart kinda smell. He likes it too. So ladies I recommend you go buy it for your men. And men you will love it too.Ed Hardeys cologe for men. For her to enjoy and for you to wear.


Clintwood, VA


Ed Hardy Men's Eau de Toilette

3.7 7