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Gevalia Coffee Grinder GS-GR 4145

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gevalia grinder rocks


I really love this coffee grinder. I started out ordering the Gevalia coffee maker and graduated to ordering grinders and such. My husband and I love a good cup of coffee and grinding your own coffee beans to make a fresh pot each time maked such a difference. This grinder does approxiamately a cup at a time and takes 30 seconds or less depending on the grind you want i.e coarse or fine. You just put the beans in the hopper, put the cover on and push a button for 10 seconds at a time. The grinder is stainless steel so it is easy to clean with a damp cloth and does not give the coffee a bitter taste. I would highly reccomend this grinder to someone who has never used one before because of its ease of use.

Lake Village, IN


Gevalia Coffee Grinder GS-GR 4145

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