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Garden Weasel Garden Cultivator

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You're better off with a shovel than a Garden Weasel Cultivator.


I bought the Garden Weasel Garden Cultivator, because I thought it would work an inexpensive way to rototill my garden. My garden is not huge and has power lines a couple of feet below, so I wanted to avoid a rototiller that might get too deep and cut a line. Whoa, was I wrong! If you were using it to till garden made completely of loose compost, it would possibly work well. My garden soil is not that way. I wanted to use the tool for the purpose of making the soil loose. No such luck. I ended up have to dig up the dirt with my shovel. After I dug up the garden, added a lot of compost and raked it through, the Garden Weasel was finally able to make it through the soil. My husband is much stronger than I and so he had slightly better results. Nonetheless, I feel it was a waste of my money and definitely a waste of my energy. I would recommend avoiding the frustration of using this product, even if someone hands it to you for free.


Aurora, CO


does an ok job


Our yard came w/ a lot of planting bed that had been left alone for too long. The garden weasel does an ok job to get the top of the groud tilled and loosened. But the con is that it will often clog up and I had to stop a lot to pull out the weeds b/n the wheels.


Mechanicsville, VA


Garden Weasel Garden Cultivator

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