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Spent more time at sears than it did at my home


I bought a large craftsman weed eater about 10 yrs ago. The first season it did fairly well. I had an extended warranty and used it several times. Problems I had were, no fire,throttle cable broken, throttle handle broken, string head broken. The service from sears was good. They even rebuilt it the second yr,but the weeds grew out of control while my weed eater was in the shop. The 3rd yr I ended up buying a shindawa that has given me no trouble to this day. I would rate this one star. but the sears service people did a good job.


West Hamlin, WV


Cheap Cheap Cheap


I tried to like this weed eater, I really did. But in the end, it ended up giving me too many problems and headaches. Sometimes starting the weed eater was more than a walk in the park. Weed eating is hard enough and you shouldn't have to waste your energy cranking pulling and adjusting to get it to start. Other people have had luck with this weed eater, but not me. I think this is one of those times, you get what you pay for.


Kathleen, GA


Moving fields


I didn't even have to buy this one, I was talking to my girl firends father about our yard and he decided to give me his old weed eater, because he was going to buy a new one. I've never had any problems with this weed eater, When i got it we replaced the head to an easier to change out head.  Other than that, it still starts up on the first two or three attempts with is really good for a weed eater.  The shake factor on it is lower than on most other weed eaters that i've used. I guess if i had to come up with one negative comment about this product it would probally be that the base on it is woobly and when i put it in the shed with out hanging it up some times it likes to fall over and loses some gas out of the overflow valve on the tank, and makes a mess on the shed floor, but this only happens when I'm to lazy to hand it up. As far as it goes though for the price this weed eater can't be beat.  


Crestview, FL


the quality is going down


It seems to be working well for the moment. It is reasonably light. appears to have plenty of power. It's already out lasted the previous trimmer. It starts easier too. The price isn't bad for the quality. The balance is nice, and is easy to manuever in any position. I haven't had any problems putting new line on it, and the spool seams sturdy enough to last a while. If I store it properly I should be able to get many years use out of it. 


Lorain, OH


my caftsman weed wacker is a little tender


My family is really big on lawncare. we spend alot of time and effort on it. Our epuipment is respected and well cared for, in fact my husband never lets our sons use it unsupervised. So when we purchased a new weedwacker, I knew they would never get to use it. We got a 33cc/2.0 cu. in 2-cycle gasoline weedwacker. My husband loved it. As lawn equipment goes,this weedwacker holds its own. It's light enough to handle easily and it's strong enough to handle heavy brush. Also there are several very useful attachments avaliable for this model. We used our weedwacker with confidence.  Imagine my surprise when after a summers use the string had to be repaired. Craftsman warranty covered the repair so all was good until it happened again.  We still love our weedwacker but we're starting to worry a little. As my husband explained to me, its a good tool but it's a little tender.


Whiteville, NC


Very poor engine quality control


Have struggled with this piece of crap, a craftsman mo. 358.791030 convertable weed wacker, for 6 mos. It would never run at slow speed, and hard to get started. At first thought it needed to be broke in. Wrong. Have run several tanks through it and it's just as bad. Stalls constantly, acts like its running out of gas all the time unless you can get it revved up and keep it pegged, then it seems to run. The air adjustment screws are California "tamper proof", so I can't adjust it. I have the chain saw attachment but it's usless because you can't get enough power out of the engine to really use it, and if you do it will stall half way through. I own many other 2 stroke engine products and I know how they are supposed to work. I really regret buying this expensive piece of crap!!


Forbestown, CA


Craftsman Convertible Weed Eaters are versatile


I really appreciate the Craftsman "convertible" series of Weed Eaters. What a great concept: One engine for many applications. My Craftsman Weed Eater, is also a Brush Wacker, a Pole Chainsaw, a blower and could be: a pole Hedge Trimmer, Rotary Trimming tool, edge, and Mini-Cultivator. All this with just ONE Maintenance Protection Agreement, on the engine part of the machine. What a fantastic value! Look for the little red know, toward the center of the Eater's shaft. This guy helps my wife and I maintain a 1-1/2 acre property. Just three more months before fire season is upon us, again.


San Jose, CA


Love the convertable Craftsman


Recently purchased a "convertable" Craftsman weedeater, which has interchangable parts.  I have gas leafblower, edger, weedeater and cuttingblades, all in one.  Absolutely love the convenience.  The only thing is the leaf blower doesn't have as much power as the regular ones but the convenience of having to buy only one power source is worth the loss of power for me. 


Leesburg, GA


Love your weedeater used it over 10years before replacing.


I had a Craftman's Weedeater that I used for over 10years, before I had to replace it with the same size and brand.  I have a lot of weedeating to do about 3-4hrs after each mowing.I am an older woman and find this item to work well and not be to heavy for me.  Great product.It was the 250-17cc


Sand Springs, OK


Craftsman Line Trimmer

3.7 9