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Black & Decker Grasshog Cordless String Trimmer

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Great trimmer. No worries about cutting the cord!


I would purchase again in a minute.


Covington, Louisiana


easy to use


The cordless trimmer is very easy to use. When I need to trim or edge, I place one of black and decker's proprietary batteries into the battery slot of the handle for the edger. When I'm ready to trim, I press the button and it works well. If I need to edge, I rotate the disc over the string so it trims at an angle. It works well and is easy to use.


Austin, TX


Never in my life again


This is one product that I can say I owned for the shortest period of time. It took about 24 hours to initially charge the batteries and after about trimming 300 feet of edges in my yard, it lost power. I immediatley dismantled the unit and throw the pieces in the box and went back to home depot to return it.It sounds like a good idea, not to pull the electric cord behind you or struggle with mixing gas and oil and being exposed to a loud noise of a gas trimmer but once you use it, reality strikes. Now I have a corded electric trimmer and do not mind dragging the cord behind me.Stay as far away from this product as you can.


Fontana, CA


great for trimming


I purchased the Black & Decker grasshog cordless string trimmer to make it easier for me to trim bushes and it makes a huge difference. I can cut and shape bushes in less than half the time it takes me with using a manual hedger. I love gardening but it can be brutal to do all the work by hand so anything that makes it easier is great for me. The black & decker cordless trimmer is well made and holds up to many years of use. It has a sturdy handle and is easy to use. I purchased this product quite some time ago and use it regularly and it still works like when it was brand new. I have a fairly large yard with many bushes and I like them to look neat and this product makes that an easy task. It is easy to store in my garage and is priced reasonably considering other brands and the value for what you get. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who likes to garden but doesn't like the work involved.


Roseville, CA


U spend more time fussing over broken parts than working!!


Tired of mixing oil and gas, I bought B&D Grasshog Electric Weedeater.  Started off with string not self feeding problems. Then was way under powered - trouble cutting anything that wasn't short grass.  Finally once original string ran out and I replaced it - now it wont stop feeding and string flys out in about two seconds.  Followed manual instructions - even purchased new spool already strung with string just to make sure I had done it right - same problem with new spool.  Too many afternoons wasted and not enough use.  JUNK!  JUNK!  JUNK!  


Schenectady, NY


absolute piece of junk, scissors will work better


This is the biggest piece of crap product I have ever bought in my life.  After struggling through it multiple times and watching youtube videos on how to have it work I took it over my head and brought it down like an ax and shattered it into 15 pieces.  Then I finished with scissors and it went faster than it ever did with this piece of crap product. 


Milwaukee, WI


Great for Older or Female Users


I am a disabled female with many severe health problems. I have to rely on someone else to do my yard work and that upsets me. I want to be independent. A friend bought me this weed eater and I immediately thought, "oh no, what am I going to do with that." But he explained that he was sure I could use it. To my surprise it is so lightweight and adjustable that even I can use it. My 75 year old mother got her one and she can use it as well as my father in a wheelchair. I live in the country with a 2 acre yard and I can't do my whole yard. It comes with two rechargable batteries which last about 20 minutes each. It cuts regular grass and weeds well, but it's not powerful enough for thick weeds. If you need a trimmer for light jobs or can't lift a regular weed trimmer then this one i perfect. I love it because it allows me to do something I thought I would never be able do do again.


Hartselle, AL


B&D Battery Weed Eater - What's With The Batteries?


I love the convenience of not having to drag a cord, and also prefer not to have the noise or negative environmental impact of a gas weed-eater, so was excited about the B&D. The batteries don't last long enough for heavy/large jobs.  For smaller yards, the convenience is great.  I have a B&D drill with the same batteries, which helps.  Maybe this model for touch-ups and a heavy-duty model for big jobs.


Keller, TX


I rarely complain about products


I bought this weed eater in May 2010 and in two months I have never been able to start and finish a job without giving up on it and pulling out my eletric weed eater (not a Black and Decker).  I would have returned it right away but misplaced the receipt and only recently found it.  First of all after numerous line problems I discoverd it did not have a line cutter attached so I found one and make the trip to pick it up thinking this would solve everything...WRONG.  It still does not cut the cord so the cord just keeps feeding until it is wrapped all around the spool cylinder, as well the guard shield continues to fall off no matter how many times I tighten it.  This a a very cheaply built product that should be taken off the market, I can not believe that Black and Decker would put their name on this.  Due to this performance I will never purchase another piece of yard equipment with their name.  I have already warned one friend who just bought one to take it back while she can!!!!!! Gayle in New Braunfels


New Braunfels, TX


Black & Decker Grass Hog Cordless String Trimmer - BOO HISS!


The Black & Decker Grass Hog Cordless String Trimmer sounded fabulous. All I'd need to do would be charge up a battery, stick it on the handle, and I'd be weed wacking my yard. How appealing is that? Oh yes. I was excited to come home with my Grass Hog. I almost bought the other yard tools that interchange with the battery and charger. Thank goodness I did not. I charged the battery for 24 hours and started weed wacking. About 15 minutes later, the thing stopped. I wondered what happened. Hum. The battery was dead. That's a really sorry battery life. I charged the battery again. Same thing the next day. At that rate, it would take all summer to weed wack the yard. When the thing was working, it had very little power. It would cut grass, and it is called a grass trimmer. I had in mind to actually trim weeds. It doesn't do so well with real weeds. It cuts some, bends some, and others wrap around the head. The string swing on the Grass Hog is small. I'd say about 8 inches. That is not a very wide length. It would take a long time to trim weeds which isn't an option with the battery going down so fast. The Grass Hog does come with two batteries and a charger. Big whoop. I also got an upgraded battery charger as a bonus. Another big whoop. I have a Black and Decker electric trimmer. I got that out today when the Cordless Grass Hog went dead again. The cord is a little annoying but not nearly as annoying as a powerless weed wacker that doesn't cut weeds and only runs a few minutes. There was no comparison between the two machines. I really hate that I sprung for the cordless. It was a bad purchase. I hate it.


southern, NC


Black & Decker Grasshog Cordless String Trimmer

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