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GE JRP28 Electric Double Oven

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GE JRP28 Electric Double Oven


This oven came with our house, and I've found that the appliances that the contractors install in new homes are not usually the highest quality. Negative points about this oven: the lower oven has a dial thermostat, and it always seemed to be hotter than the set temperature on the dial because my food was overcooking. I tested it with a portable oven thermometer and the oven is about 10-15 degrees higher than the setting. Also, the lower oven does not have a timer. Another problem is the automatic oven cleaner. The seal is not tight enough, and the heat and fumes leaked out and set off the smoke alarm. Positive points: the upper oven is digital, the controls are easy to set, and has always heated to the correct temperature. Its timer is always accurate and easy to set as well. The broiler has high and low settings, heats up quickly, and the exhaust fan comes on automatically when it gets too hot. I've found that I like having two ovens, especially when cooking for Thanksgiving or for a crowd; I don't think I would want to go back to having only one oven, although I would not buy this model again.

Chesapeake, VA


GE JRP28 Electric Double Oven

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