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Fusion Beauty
Fusion Beauty Lipfusion Xl 2X Micro Injected Collagen Advanced Lip Plumping Therapy

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Wake up to plumper, juicier lips. Incredibilly addicative


Expensive but worth every penny.  LipFusion XL is the only lip plumper that has 10% micro-collogen spheres and 10% hyaluronic acid which is why it is so effective.  It attracts the moisture in your lips and maximizes them to their fullest potential.  It also moisturizes and hydrates your lips and with continued use they are more youthful and firmer. Avoid the needle and reach for the wand.  Truly addictive

New York, NY


Compact, cute & wearable!


I recieved this ip Fusion to try out, and at first, I wasn't all that impressed. I *did* like the package - small, silver and sleek looking. Very chic, it wasn't too 'teenagy', so I didn't feel self concious applying it in public. The one thing that bothered me in the beginning was the taste. It has a very distinctive peppermint taste to it, and usually I love peppermint, but not in my lipgloss. Everytime I applied it I felt like wiping it right back off, almost like the taste would slide down my throat, it was awful. BUT - the more I used it, the more bearable it became. Now I hardly notice the taste, it also has a pleasant 'sting' when you apply, which I didn't notice at the start. (It's not a painful sting - its just the peppermint coming through any inperfections in your lips. As for cost, this was a sample, so I'm not sure what is being charged, although I don't know that I'd pay anything over 3.00 for this. All in all, it does moisten the lips and leave it with a very subtle 'shine' - not too glowy shiney shimmer, it's just right. And I'm a Mom, so I'm not about to wear something that has me looking all teenager. It needs reapplication about every 40-50 minutes, depending on how you like YOUR lips to feel, and it does leave your lips feeling smooth. I recommend it - just give it a chance in the beginning!

Washington, UT


I can't believe how well Lip Fusion works!


I just tried Lip Fusion Lip Gloss for the first time today.  I immediately felt a slight tingling on my lips.  When I checked in the mirror a few minutes later, I could not believe how plump & moist my lips were.  It's now 4 hours later, & the difference is remarkable!

Deptford, NJ


Fusion Beauty Lipfusion Xl 2X Micro Injected Collagen Advanced Lip Plumping Therapy

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