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Frigidaire Electric Cooktop

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The Frigidaire glass cook top is very easy to clean.


 After wanting one for over twenty years, I finally acquired a glass cooktop in 2002 when we remodelled our kitchen.  My favorite feature is ease of cleaning.  A razor blade removes the crustiest stuff, while a paper towel and a paste cleaner remove the rest of the spillage. It takes less than 5 minutes, while the old drip pan system took much more time and effort. It has four burners, two of which are connected by a "bridge".  This is great for my water bath canner and other large pans. The third burner heats either a 6 or 91/2 inch area, depending on the setting that you chose . The fourth burner is 51/2 inches.  this allows me to choose the proper burner for each pan I have, so I don't waste electricity heating more burner than* *I need.  In 2005, I dropped  a heavy glass on the cook top, which caused a crack that "spider webbed" a  major portion of it.  After rearranging the cupboards to put only light plastic items in the cupboard over the cooktop, we replaced it.  Note:The above  model number refers to this second top.  I have had no problems with this cooktop.  I have recommended it to several people and I will NEVER use any other type of cooktop.

Kalispell, MT


Beautiful & Tough Cooktop


This Frigidaire Electric Cooktop by Electrolux - Gallery Series has been used in my home for several years. It is very attractive and works extremely well. I had never had a ceramic cooktop before and was concerned about scratches and sorched food; however, once you know how to keep it clean, it's not an problem. (Be sure to use ceramic cooktop cleaners and a little elbow strength). My unit is still scratch free and looks beautiful. The heating units heat quickly and evenly and there is a safety light to let you know when a burner is still hot. There is nothing really technical about it, it just works the way it should. I highly recommend this cooktop and would be inclined to purchase another.

Appleton, WI


Frigidaire Electric Cooktop

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