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Fred Loya

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Not the best from my perspective


I had Fred Loya Insurance for my car for 5 years or so. I thought it was a good policy for a time, but was disappointed on two occasions when I thought that there would be no problem. Customer Service The first was during an out-of-state trip when I had to renew my policy on the road. Because I was out of my home state, I was told by the customer service representative that I could not renew my policy over the phone. Not until I returned to the state of origin and visited one of their offices would I be able renew my policy. I thought that this was a bad customer service experience and that they could have found a way to cover me having been a loyal customer for several years. A second instance occurred during a slight mishap with another vehicle in which it was determined that Fred Loya Insurance was liable for the other driver's damages. I had contacted Fred Loya with the other driver's information and a detailed description of the accident in which the other driver left, stating to me that he had been in an accident the previous week that accounted for the heavy damage where our cars had scraped momentarily. He did not wish to report the minor collision and left after explaining the damage to his car that I had glimpsed in the instant before we made contact. An appraiser visited me the following day and found a small dent in my fender about the size of a quarter that I did not notice where our two cars had made contact. He determined that I had been at fault based on a report from the other driver's insurance company. My premium was then raised from $50 to $71/mo., with the promise that it would be reduced following a full year without an incident. With a clean driving record and no accidents involving another vehicle I felt that I had been taken advantage of by my own insurance company, that they had simply found a way to raise my premium. I was then able to find better insurance for my vehicle at a cost of less than $40/mo. Available Plans I only have experience with their car insurance and found it to be less than satisfactory.



will drop you as soon as you have an accident


Fred Loya is a horrible car insurance company. I had them for 4 yrs and thought they were a good company. then i had an accident that i wasnt at fault for. As soon as they payed to fix my car they dropped me from the insurance giving me only 10 days to find another car insurance company. they were very rude and did nothing to help when service king didnt fix my car correctly.

Arlington, TX


Great auto insurance that really knows what the customer needs.


I am sure that there are plenty of insurance companies out there. But the one that we have is Fred Loya insurance.We pay a $170.00 dollars a month on both vehicles that we have. What I like the best is that there have been two times when we have had to drop the insurance on both vehicles because my husband was unemployed. Each time that we have had to do this Fred Loya tells to come back when he gets a job and they will reninstate the insurance that we had on both vehicles. Another thing is that they have a plan that when you have a flat tire or your car breaks down they provide free towing. I love this company. It has been around for a while and they are now showing commercials now on the television.   Thanks Fred Loya.

Pasadena, TX


Way too over priced for the poor service.


We were customers of Fred Loya Auto Insurance for 3 years, when we purchased a new vehicle we discovered that we could get more coverage for much less from Geico.  We switched and Fred Loya refused to refund the premium that we had just paid. 

Morton, TX


Fred Loya

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