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Terrible experience with this company. Do NOT disclose info that they are running your credit when asking for a quote. Misleading and morally wrong. Thinking about leaving USAA for referring me to them.


Florence, AL


Pick another company


Don't use this insurance company. I wish I had looked up the Company's reputation before I used them. It only took a second to see all the complaints, what a horrible reputation. They will do whatever they can to weasel their way out of paying for damage. They are part of Farmers also, so I won't trust farmers ever again.


Billings Montana


Very nice people who go above and beyond


When I placed a call to Foremost Insurance Group I figured I would get another dead end for insuring a second home I own. When I bought this house it was from a bank repo and I offered cash and got for well under the town value on it, BUT it is a converted trailer that was built on to/around and the only heating the place has is wood stove. There is no other type of heating even hooked up at this place and as far as I can see, there never was. Now with the many phone calls I had made to other companies I was told that it is very hard to find insurance carriers who will insure a how with wood stove heating only, and then with the house being classified as a mobile home even though it's really not a mobile home anymore, that makes it all the more hard to get insurance at all and also at a decent rate. One insurance agent did find me an insurer but they wanted an insane amount of money a year to insure this little house that is worth only $80,000. The man who helped me at Foremost was absolutely awesome at helping me. The other places told me a flat out no or asked if they could call me back and then never did. I don't think any of them tried too hard to get me insurance and Foremost did! He took all of my information and asked to call me back so I didnt expect the phone to ring the next day, but it did and it was him lettring me know that he hadnt forgotten me and was working on getting me house insurance. He did end up working it all out for me and at an extremely reasonable rate and I was so happy to finally have this property under an insurance binder. I may have been in a pickle when I called Foremost but he worked hard for days to help me and I won't forget that. He was so nice and I know helping me was probably a lot of work so i highly recommend this company to others even if they don't have a special situation like mine. You have lots of companies to choose from, but I really recommend this company for the kindness they showed me.




I have no other choice but to buy this insurance.


Foremost is the only company that offers Rideshare Insurance for Uber drivers in Florida bu they charge a high down payment and a high Monthly fee. Example: $470 down and $304 a month for this commercial insurenace. I feel as though this company is over pricing their insurance because the consumer has no other option, but to pay if they wish to Drive for Uber, Lyft or any other Rideshare company in Florida.


Jacksonville, Fl


Don't Do It


The dealership recommended this insurance company and since it was a Saturday I thought I would try them. HUGE mistake! We were unable to get the paperwork originally and when we finally received it the information was wrong. The VIN was incorrect as well as the value of the vehicle. We paid almost $18,000 for the motorcycle but the paperwork we received showed the value at $12,500. When we asked that it be corrected we were told to cross it out and write the correct amount ourselves (which isn't legal on a contract). Our first auto draft payment went through but the next one never cleared and we received a cancellation notice. When we called again we were told that it was set up to auto draft again but that date rolled by as well with no payment made. We never received the corrected paperwork and the policy was cancelled. We received another bill today (a month later) saying that we owe them $15 for the period that we were covered and hadn't paid even though we called multiple times and were told it was taken care of on multiple occasions. Thank God we never had to file a claim. I can only imagine what a nightmare that would have been. Horrible customer service from both the people we spoke with. Don't waste your time or money!




Homeless in Locust Grove AR


I have carried Foremost Mobile Home insurance for several years. Made a claim this month and it has been denied twice and they have left me homeless. I had a new roof put on my home 2 years ago. Several weeks ago black mold started growing in my home and took over the house within a weeks time leaving the home dangerous to live in. My husband is also immunocompromised from a renal transplant and is now in the nursing home thanks to foremost. They have denied due to what they are saying the roof was installed incorrectly. It was put on by a licensed contractor. DO you know how long it will take to get through the court system with him. Other people in this area say there insurance pays then sues the contractor on your behalf when something like this happens. Do not use this company. *******WARNING*** they will destroy your life..


Locust Grove ,AR


Raised Annual Premium Over $600


Got my homeowners renewal and my annual premium had gone up $600 with no explanation. I called the office asking why and they could not or would not tell me. I have had the insurance for a long time and had 1 claim over 9 years ago for $1,700. I am very unhappy and checking out another company for insurance.


Knoxville, Tennessee


Landlords, Don't Choose This Company


After using this company for 30 years to insure our properties, and only having 2 small claims during all that time, they just cancelled our insurance over someone slipping on an icy sidewalk 2 winters ago. We always keep our premiums up to date. There was no reasoning with them. I guess loyalty and paying bills on time means nothing to them.


Binghamton, NY

Not sure why I stay with them


I signed up for Foremost through AARP and had no problem with them until I had to file claims. Part of my roof blew off and they paid to have it fixed. Two years later I discovered that the contractor had fixed it improperly, the roof was leaking, and I had mold in the ceiling. The contractor had abandoned their business and when I went back to Foremost their very rude adjuster told me that it was my problem. It had to be fixed ASAP and I had no resources to fix it other than financing my house (which I did because I thought I was stuck), though I had previously owned it outright. Several contractors I called for estimates advised me that the corrective procedures should also have been covered and I called Foremost again, with the same response. I then complained directly to AARP, who intervened on my behalf, and Foremost finally sent a supervisor and agreed to pay for the repairs. This took over a year to resolve. Customer Service It's not the customer service department itself that's the problem with this company, it's their approach to it through their adjusters, who have seem to have little concept of what service means. Available Plans The plans themselves are decent, and fairly inexpensive.




Excellent Mobile Home Coverage at Decent Rates...


I had Foremost Insurance on my mobile home from 2002 until 2013. I had to file one claim for damage to our roof due to several straight-line wind storms that happened in 2011. We carried replacement cost coverage so that we would be reimbursed at full value and not depreciated value and I would recommend that to anyone buying insurance unless the cost is prohibitive. We didn't report the damage immediately, but gradually noticed more and more shingles showing up in our yard over a couple of weeks, so my wife suggested that we go ahead and file our first claim. It was handled fairly well, but since it was the week before Christmas 2011, our adjuster who came out initially failed to mention that he would be out of the office and unreachable during the week of Christmas. His voicemail provided a contact for his supervisor since we needed an adjusted claim amount after having a contractor come out and look at the roof. The amount we were reimbursed at replacement cost (with no depreciation taken out less a $250 deductible) allowed us to replace the entire roof which increased the value of the home. The initial payment was issued on the spot when the adjuster came out and the additional items (about $150 in total) were paid via check and we received it within 3 days of the phone call. The supervisor who approved the additional amount didn't quibble about the amount nor the item -- it was simply overlooked during the initial inspection and also the length of the roof was mis-measured, so it took more shingles than expected. I would recommend this company to anyone with a mobile home needing coverage. They will cover homes over 8 years old and that is not something many companies will do. And as I said in my summary, the rates were decent and we received higher coverage at lower rates than we could have with any insurer we checked with over the years. Customer Service I had only minimal contact with customer service. When I did, they were helpful and pleasant to deal with.





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