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Fisher Price Rainforest 1-2-3 Musical Gym

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We love it


I love it because it holds his attention but it is hard to clean


Otsego mi

I would not buy this playmat


My friend let me borrow this playmat for my baby and I am glad that I did not spend my own money on it. The positive aspects of the mat are: 1) the graphics are very cute and 2) the music is catchy. The negatives are: 1) the mat does not fold down very well since the tree and giraffe are stuck on the mat; 2) this mat is made more for newborns to 3-4 month olds as mobile babies will not have much room to turn due to the bar; 3) there is not much to engage your baby since there is only one bar for overhead toys and the tree and giraffe do not offer much stimulation; and 4) I found it awkward to get my baby off of the mat since there is not much room under the bar. I had an Infantino Twist and Fold play gym that I loved and that my baby used for a long time.




I love this gym


My youngest daughter just recieved this as a gift for her 1st chirstmas and she loves it. I am trying to give her more and more belly time to build up her muscles in her arms and this works wonders. She loves to lay on her belly and look at herself in the little mirror. She looks and laughs at herself all the time. She also loves to lay on her back and play with the hanging toys. One thing I don't like is that the little pillow doesn't attach in any way so when the baby moves around the pillows moves out of place so it's pretty much pointless. This even keeps my 3 year old content she loves to take it apart and put it back together. I also love that the mat is machine washable. Overall I would recommend this to friends.


Harrington, DE


Rainforest Musical Gym a waste of Money


My husband fell in love with this toy before our son was born and just had to buy it, so of course I agreed and we bought it. It is a super cute toy, very colorful, and makes some sounds which we thought would be appealing to baby, but we didn't really look at the way it was put together. Along the back post the bar should have laid flat and there was just no way to make it do that and it didnt really occur to us that it wasn't laying properly until our son was older and we laid him on the mat to play. The plastic post dug into his tiny back and made him ball his eyes out. We immediately tried to figure out how to fix it but there was just no way we could figure out how to make it lay flat so that he could use the toy. After that though he had no interest in using it and every time we took him near it he would just cry and cry. We ended up giving it away to someone who was going to figure out and fix it. It just wasn't worth much once our son was scared of it.


Phoenix, AZ


not worth the money


I feel like the price is very high for what this mat actually does. There aren't as many toys as there could be and the songs don't last as long as I would like. I love the little giraffe on the side but after getting the mat home, he doesn't do anything but be a cute giraffe, such a waste. They could have made him moveable or let him play music..wasted opportunity. The butterfly mobile isn't extra exciting at all, it's a few bugs on a string for the baby to pull on. The mat does allow your baby to lay under the play rod, spend time on their tummies, and when they are older sit on it and play. We are not to the sitting and playing stage yet but I often wonder if he'll even enjoy doing that since there isn't much to do on the mat. If he wants to sit and play he has another mat to use or he can use his exersaucer. The mat boast that babies get to use and feel different textures but I just don't see where these really are, I mean sure the mat is made of different materials but it isn't a main feature of the mat and I don't see how the baby will learn from that. Even the mirror is very small and not overly usable. If I had to do it again, I would have saved our money and purchased a more expensive mat that had more to offer to our son.


Lansing, MI


Gyms are the best as first toys


We got this Fisher-price gym when my son was one month old and used it till he was 8-9 month, this is a great toy/activity center for younger babies, you can start using it almost right after the birth as we did. For this age it has plenty of toys to look at when he is on his back and it is the best for tummy-time as it has another set of activities on the side panel, later they learn to roll a ball that plays music and that increase their interest. But once our baby started rolling over he kept touching the bar that was above with his head all the time, so we readjusted it and attached it to the end of the gym. Now when he is crawling a lot he doesn't spend there too much time but still stop by the mat to play with his favorite toys either butterflies or toucan .  It takes a little place on the floor but it's good to have it as you can not hold your baby in his crib or swing all the time. 


Virginia Beach, VA


Fisher Price Rainforest 1-2-3 Musical Gym

3.0 6