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Double-Drawer Dishwashers
Fisher & Paykel
Fisher & Paykel 24 in. Double DishDrawer

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I love this dishwasher


I bought this in 2014; at 59 yrs old this is my first dishwasher. I'm single so it doesn't get heavy use but I decided I needed drawers because a door would take up too much room in my small kitchen and thus be difficult to load. I'm now in a wheelchair so I can't easily get into my upper cabinets. With two drawers, one can hold the clean dishes that are most often used within easy reach, while the other drawer keeps my dirty dishes out of sight in my small space. I also love the spotless shine I get on my flatware and glass. So far I've had no problems.

Homer, Alaska


Looks good, expensive to repair


It is a decent dishwasher and looks cool, but it costs a lot to fix. We bought this dishwasher when it was just my husband and myself and it was adequate then but now we are a family of 5 and each drawer is smaller than I would like. It is nice to be able to run two separate loads though. I also don't like that you can only use the powder cleaner and not the pods. Overall it has been decent but it was super expensive to fix too. My husband installed it himself and he had a hard time getting it all in, and he is pretty handy. I really like the look of this dishwasher, it's sharp and we get a lot of compliments on the design of it. If I had to do it again, I don't know if I would buy the same one.

Utica, MI


So easy to unload .


I adore my washer. The only issue I have with my washer. You can't load over size trays or plates or platters. It's great having two washers one is always clean . No more dirty dishes in the sink . My washer is extremley quiet during the wash cycle . There are several cycles to choose from. The washer uses any type of automatic dish soap. It takes only a small amount of soap and uses little water. This washer is very eco friendly.

Lutherville Timonium, MD


Don't waste your money and time on a Fisher Paykel Dishdrawer.


When I first purchased my Fisher Paykel Dishdrawer almost from the beginning I started having problems with the unit. Between the repair people saying it wasn't installed correctly (apparently very few people know how to service Fisher Paykel appliances) to obvious defects, I have been extremely unhappy with the dishwasher. One of the recurring issues were the drawers freezing closed and holding the dishes hostage after the wash. I finally figured out how to "unlock" the drawers after several service calls that included the factory rep having to come out. The top drawer drained into the bottom one at one time and the service person that came out decided to open the drawer while it was running and flooded the floor under the unit and the area around that. I continued to have issues with the unit and the factory rep said it was fine when he came out. Shortly after that, the seal failed and flooded my kitchen floor and the area under the cabinet. I couldn't get all the water out of the cabinet, so I had to uninstall it and pull it out and into the garage so I could dry out the floor and wall under the cabinet and the surrounding cabinet bases. I will not reinstall it. I am getting a different one. I have talked to a number of appliance sales people and they also confirmed that they have had many reports of similar issues with the dishdrawer. I would not recomend the dishdrawer unless you rarely use it and you want to be on a first name basis with your local repair person.

Phoenix, AZ


Novelty not worth it


We bought this dishwasher for our family of five because we thought it would be easier to keep up with all of the dishes if we had the ability to wash them more often but it really hasn't changed anything.  We do like that the drawers are super deep and I can fit even the biggest pot in one but it ends up taking up so much space that I hand wash anything that large anyway.  We;ve have owned the unit two years now and I believe that only the lower drawer works now.  My husband wants to blame the fact that dishwashing detergent no longer has phosphate in it, but I think our washer is messed up.  This is such an off brand that the parts are expensive to replace and the service call is pricey as well.  So, now we're stuck with a washer that only works halfway and a novelty that's worn off.  Save your money, and go with a different washer that's rated well by other consumers.

Columbiana, AL


Mine has been repaired 19 times in 5 years. save your money


Purchased mine in June 2005 and should have known this was going to be bad when then only delivered one drawer.  Since then 19 service calls and we will not count all the time the machine was done waiting for parts.  FP customer service SUCKS big time as did the store that sold it to me. If you get it.. get the extended warranty.. you will need it. The techs are trained by watching a video in a hotel room with the manuels in hand.  then they go hands on your machine.

Easley, SC


Fisher & Paykel 24 in. Double DishDrawer

2.8 6