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FX Silk Milk Detangler

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Great for people who have hair that knots!


FX Silk Milk Detangler is the product that saves me from pain.  I have very fine hair that easily knots when wet, be it from swimming, taking a shower or a bath.  Normally when I brush my hair when wet, it takes at least an hour to brush my hair with consider pain and hair loss sadly.  With FX Silk Milk Detangler brushing my wet hair cuts down my brushing time considerably, to adequately brush my hair and remove the knots it only takes about 20 - 30 minutes.  It helps reduce the pain, and my hairbrush doesn't get as much hair stuck in it. It truly is an instant conditioner silk detangler spray.  The formula that FX Tangle Out Silk Detangler is a life saver.  Silk and Coconut Milk are some of my favorite beauty product ingredients, they are soo versatile and really make this product shine.  Silk and Coconut Milk infuse my hair with hydration and shine. It also is very affordable and easily available. (It can be found in most drug stores.) I hope you find this review helpful.  Have fun shopping! ;)

East Norwich, NY


My new favorite hair product


I dye my hair regularly and so it has some dryness.  This product is easy to use, just spray it on your damp hair and continue styling as usual.  This detangler adds moisture without weighing hair down and it has a fresh scent.  I've noticed my hair seems softer and smoother since I started using it.  A great find.

La Mirada, CA


FX Silk Milk Detangler

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