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Exforge 160 mg tablets

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Exforge has saved me from having multiple prescriptions


I was prescribed three seperate medications plus an aspirin daily when I was first diagnosed with high blood pressure over ten years ago. I was oblivious that the swelling and uncomfortable situations that I was experiencing were a direct result of this condition. The first three medications that I was prescribed actually were recommended over a period of several months as my internist attempted to find the best possible regime for me. After experiencing some poor performance with one of my medicines, my doctor determined that it would be best to try the Exforge for a 30 day trial. I was amazed that I was able to take two of my scripts and trade for this one that was just as effective if not more than the previous one's. I have had very little difficulty with the side effects with this particular medication. I hope to be able to eliminate the need for any medications at all but until the time that I am able to do better, this is the perfect match for me.


Greer, SC


Exforge 160 mg has given me my life back!!!


When my doctore told me I would have to go on blood presure medicine I was floored. My blood presure had been up for the last four monthly visits and I had done every thing we could think of to lower it. I gave up salt, exercised, and even lowered my caffine intake. None of it worked. I don't like taking pills. When he gave me the samples to try for a month, it was like he opened up a new door in my life. I didn't realize how much my high blood presure was keeping me from doing. With in a few days the head aches were gone and i was breathing normal again. This one pill gave me the ability to play with my grand children like i use to my own children when they were small. I sounds like a lot to credit a pill with, but it's true. Of course my doctor is the best, and knew just what i needed. Exforge 160 mg one time a day has been my life saver, figuratively and literally. I can enjoy every aspect of life with out having to have someone wait on me to "catch my breath". It's wonderful. 


Seneca, SC


Exforge 160 mg tablets

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