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Estrdiol transdermal spray
Estrdiol transdermal spray Evamist

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Estrdiol transdermal spray Evamist worked for me!


This product called Evamist has changed my life. I was having hot flashes all day and all night long.  The hot flashes and night sweats were keeping up all night.  I was beside myself as to what to do.  I had heard of homone replacement and had been prescribed the estrogen pill a couple years ago but experienced severe headaches with the estrogen pill.  I was terrified of the possibility of breast cancer so was very reluctant to do any hormone replacement therapy. I had to do something for relief so I talked with my doctor and she recommended Evamist. She explained the risks for breast cancer are minimal for the first few years when using the product for women under 60 years of age.  She recommended at base line mammogram to detect any changes that my occur. I began using the Evamist which is a plant based Estrogen you spray on your skin one to three sprays a day.  I experienced no side effects from the Evamist at all.  I am very sensative to side effects but had none with Evamist.  Since you spray it on your skin it does not go through the liver, which, minimizes the side effects.  Within 5 days I began getting relief.  I have been using Evamist for 3 months and the hot flashes and night sweats are gone.  I will continue to use this product for as long as I possibly can as long as I have no complications. There have been reports about making sure you let the estrogen dry completely before touching children and pets as not to transfer the estrogen onto them.    


Cincinnati, OH


Evamist is the easiest to apply estrogen medication


Evamist is a prescription estrogen spray.  It is part of hormone replacement therapy to fight nasty hot flashes etc.  I suffered badly from the whole hot flash thing until my doctor prescribed this form of plant -based estrogen.  It is unique in that it comes in an applicator that looks like an asthma inhaler except you pump the applicator to give a spray to your forearm daily.  It is easy to use and nice and neat as it dries quickly.  Much nicer than messy creams.  You can adjust your dosage by giving one to three sprays daily.  My doctor tells me that applying to the skin rather than doing a pill form of estrogen is better for your liver.  This is the most convenient form of application.  It does take a while to build up in your system bu now that I have been using it for 60 days, my hot flashes have been eliminated.  They were so bad before I got on the Evamist that I has having them all day and all night - about every other hour - and actually breaking out in a sweat for 5 minutes or so before the flash went away.  I tried all the herbal and "natural" type treatments but nothing worked and I was in misery.  The Evamist seems to have resolved my problem.    


Lake Forest, CA


Estrdiol transdermal spray Evamist

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