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Epson Stylus NX100 All-In-One Printer C11CA25201

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sucks up ink


This printer was inexpensive but I wish I had bought a better printer to start with. We go through ink so quickly that at the end of the day, we would have saved money in the long run by buying a better quality printer from day one. I do not like that there always seems to be a light blinking. The power button blinks for no apparent reason. And honestly, within a week of putting a new ink cartridge in, the button indicating low ink will blink. We have tried Epson brank cartridges and off brand ones. Regardless, this printer drinks ink. I would not classify our printng needs as high volume, so it would be nice to not spend a small fortune in ink. This printer is noisy and slow. It is all the things you hate about a printer. I do like that the printer does not have tons of bells and whistles. It has a scanner which we have used on occassion. I guess it does have a fax machine function, but honestly, who uses a fax machine at home? Ink/Paper Use I feel like we are always seeing an indicator that at least one ink cartridge is low.


Anaheim, CA


Decent all-in-one for the price


There are better all-in-ones out there, but the Epson NX100 gets a lot done for the price.  It prints, scans, and copies, all in one.  It seems to use up ink quickly, but it accepts generic ink cartridges and refillables so you can replace them on the cheap.  I had a couple problems with one round of generic cartridges, but then bought the refillable ones that seem to work better.  I don't use the printer all that often, and it usually requires head cleanings in between printings because perhaps the ink dries up.  Another downside is that it's VERY loud when printing, often making me jump out of my desk chair when it starts up!  The scan feature is a flatbed, and very handy for scanning small things that would otherwise not be able to run through a feeder-type scanner, like photos or receipts. I don't use the software that came with the printer, and instead scan through Photoshop and it works well. Overall, a good unit for the price.


Chicago, IL


Great for small jobs


I bought this Epson All-in-One printer a few months ago.  My wife and I switched to complete online banking and needed a scanner to upload our checks.  We didn't want a separate scanner and printer, so we went with the Epson NX125 printer/scanner/copier. So far, we haven't had any problems with it so far.  It prints great.  Everything comes out really clear and it doesn't smudge.  The ink is dry when you pick it up so there is no ink on your hands and the pages don't get ruined if you touch them right away.  I really like that the paper tray where you initially place the paper folds down when you are not using it, and the tray where the printed items come out folds in.  It makes for easy storage and a more organized work space. The scanner is great too.  I mostly use it to scan small items, such as checks, but I've never had a problem.  The items upload to the computer very clear. I haven't used the copier very much, but like everything else, it worked well the few times I did use it. The cartridge refills are inexpensive as well which is a huge plus, especially for someone who would be using this product to print a lot. I would recommend this Epson All-in-One printer to anyone looking for an inexpensive product to do small jobs.


Bellevue, NE


Not for the office


This printer is great for printing photos in high quality, and is very user friendly with updates about in cartridges and software. However, if you wanted to print an essay or resume, this printer is not the best thing to use because of it's slow speed. It will try to print normal documents in photo quality, which is a waste of time and ink. If you want a printer for photos, this is great. But it is not for the office.


Wixom, MI


This printer goes through the ink.


In my family our printing needs are quite simple: an occasional paper, coupon, map, or instuctions.  We have it for the rare times when we need to print something and it works just fine for that.  I have used it a few times to scan old photos.  The quality of the scan is pretty good, but I've been pretty unhappy with the software the computer uses.  It is a complicated process to scan multiple photos in a row.  There isn't really a setting that allows for a simply scan and repeat process.  But, like I said, the quality is good and since we don't use it all that often I haven't worried about it.  As for printing pictures. we don't.  I have tried it a few times and been very unhappy with the process.  If you put the photo paper in for a portrait photo it seems to print landscape.  If you change the paper direction to landscape then it prints portrait.  It was frustrating, the quality wasn't very good, so I just gave up.  Besides, it is easier to print photos through Costco.  The most frustrating this with this printer is the ink.  It goes through ink so fast.  We keep the quality for everyday document printing set pretty low so the ink should last a while but it doesn't.  And the worst part is, if you want to print in black ink but you are out of magenta you can't print.  If one cartridge is empty you can't print using any of the others.  And these ink cartridges aren't cheap. 


Anaheim, CA


Epson Stylus NX100 All-In-One Printer C11CA25201

3.6 5