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Epson Artisan 710 All-In-One Printer

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amazing printer


I love this printer. It prints pictures very clearly and at professional standards. The scanner is absolutely impeccable. The printers a decent size and easy to move if necessary. The only difficulty with the printer is trying to load the ink cartridges. Otherwise, this is a fantastic product.




Great all-in-one!


I owned a B&W laser printer and it worked great, but I really wanted a printer that could do it all. The laser printer is great for B&W text, but this is good for everything. Two of my favorite features on this printer is that it holds 4x6 OR 5x7 paper AND 8 1/2 x 11 paper at the same time AND it prints double-sided. I often print pictures but don't like switching out the paper all the time to add the 8 1/2 x 11 paper. It prints really nice pictures, it's quick, and it's very easy to use. It looks very sleek and the buttons are very nice. I recently printed my holiday cards using this printer and they looked great. It works well with Airprint and it was super easy to set up to my home network. Scanning is very easy. You just scan whatever you want and the software automatically opens on your computer. Very easy since you then don't have to search all over your computer trying to figure out where the document was saved. We are a family of 4 with 2 younger kids and I think we are going to get a lot of use out of this. I also really like that it prints double-sided (without me having to manually turn the paper over). I often print emails or coupons that don't necessarily need to print on individual sheets of paper so for things that aren't that important, it's very easy to choose the double-sided option and print away. Two things is I wish it held more 8 1/2 x 11 paper and I wish the guides were easier to move for the paper. They are flimsy plastic guides and since they are so small I often have trouble moving them. Overall, it's great for us and I think it's a great value. Performance It's fast and does everything we ask it to do without many hiccups. So far so good. Copy Quality I'm not exactly sure what "copy quality" means but I'm thinking it means the quality of the print. I personally don't think inkjets are good for printing B&W as it's not as crisp as a laser, but inkjet is better for almost everything else. Ink/Paper Use The ink seems to last quite a while. I've printed maybe 50 or so B&W pages since we've had it and at least 40 color greeting cards and still have ink left. Given that it's still the starter ink that came with the printer, I have to think when I buy full cartridges it will last quite awhile. Ease of Use Very easy and intuitive. If a function won't work for a task you are trying to do, the button will be dimmed on the machine. I really like that feature. Durability I haven't owned it for too long, but it seems pretty durable (with the exception of the plastic guides in the paper tray). Design I really like the looks of this printer. It's very modern looking and sleek.


Bellevue, WA


This Epson Printer works great, but could use to be quieter.


This epson printer works great but has a few things that aren't up to my needs.  One plus is that has automatic mode for scanning which figures out the edges of your image/paper and sizes the document on the screen for you.  The normal printing is quite loud and isn't too fast, but for a home printer it works great.  Only thing it is missing is a top feed scanner as well.  I would buy again.  Epson is a good brand too.  Oh, it also grabs too many pages at once if  you put too much paper in the paper dispenser. I bought this for office use and I think it is much better for home use.  So, I may change to another kind. It isn't quick or quiet enough for office use.  It randomly makes noises, too, while I am on the phone, which isn't appropriate.  It is quite bulky, too.  And the wireless, well, I'd rather have wired because of firewall issues making it not work.  Wireless is not all its cracked up to be.


Saint Paul, MN


Epson Artisan 710 All-In-One Printer

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