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Emerson Microwave

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Great buy!


This was a lower prices microwave and it does what I need it to do. Heats stuff, pops popcorn. Hidding place for bread. Compact and takes up little space. I am happy with the purchase. And I saved money with this brand. If you use a microwave like I do it is perfect for the small tasks!

New Haven, CT


tThis emerson microwave is slightly disappointing


We recieved this Emerson Microwave for Christmas last year and my first thought was how nice looking it is. I like the silver color and the touch screen bottons a lot. the curved door handle is pretty neat also, but I am a little disappointed in the performance of this microwave oven. It has the glass plate inside that turns as it warms the food, yet the food doesn't warm 100%. The food is often very spotty, I would be eating a portion of food that is warmed nicely only to bite into a cold portion. It does heat drinks very fast and evenly though which is great because I drink a lot of tea. Cooking a potato takes about 9mins. We have only had it for almost a year and it has stopped working on it's own and started back working two times. Overall it is very cute and modern looking, the size is good but the quality performance that we were hoping for is lacking. We are now in the market for a new one.

Latonia, KY


Find something else


We have the emerson microwave model #MWG9111SL we bought it new and it works, it gets the job done, but there are some negative things about it i do not like. this microwave does not have any numbers on it, so if you want to type in how long you  want to microwave something say you want it in for 5 minutes 23 seconds you have to hit the  one minute button 5 times the 10 second button 2 times and the second button 3 times. i think that this is a pain. although my youngest learned how to count by 10's doing this, so that was fun. also there is a popcorn setting and you really have to pay attention to the bag popping and listen to it to see when it stops popping to get your popcorn out, the time they have alotted for that feauture burns the popcorn. there are several buttons to push like for a potato or pizza, i do not find these helpful at all. there is a defrost button and that works well. there is also a grilling feauture, that i still haven't figured out yet.  there is a clock display which i like, but can never remember how to reset it after we lose power.  needless to say i do not use it often, my kids seem to have it figured out!

Roscommon, MI


A powerful little machine


I have been reading alot of reviews about the Emerson Microwave Model mwg9111sl, most of them negative. However, I have become accustomed to my brand new microwave from Emerson, and I have to say that thus far I am pleased with it's power, ease of usage, and convenience of use. This little microwave packs a big punch, and I think is very underestimated. I have read reviews about how the grill function does not work, and can understand how someone with no patience or "know-how" can misconstrue it as not functioning. First you must remember that the grill function is not a "microwave". It takes time just like a toaster oven to warm up. I made bagels with ham and cheese in five minutes and they came out perfect. All it took was understanding and patience. Secondly the power is underestimated greatly. You can't expect a thousand watt appliance to operate on bad circuit breakers or low fuses correctly. One thousand watts is alot of punch, and incorectly connected will cause anyone problems. Maybe, most of the other reviews are coming from people with little knowledge of electronics, or they tried to cut corners by purchasing second hand or used (likely faulty) appliances. In that case, you know the old saying "You get what you pay for". I paid for a new fully functioning microwave/grill, and got a beauty.

Wade, NC




Stainless steel microwave model MWG9111SL was a complete disappointment, don't let the looks decieve you, we did.We have had Emerson Micros in the past, and have loved them, the last one was a plain white one with all the neccessary settings on it and it worked, we gave it to my daughter and it is still working, but this new one is terrible, it shuts off after 4 min, you can't even finish heating a frozen entree, I don't use the popcorn setting because I am left with mostly kernels, so i set it at various times, 3 min not enough, 3.5 min it burns, can't win, we have it on our counter with plenty of circulation, I hate using it. I plan on going to the store and getting the one we had prior to this one and it was cheaper than this stainless steel, must have bought the stainless steel because that is the only thing worth anything at all.

Alamosa, CO


Emerson Microwave

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