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Sharp 700 Watt 2.2 Cubic Feet Carousel Microwave Oven R-2A87

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Good quality for the price


This is a great microwave and very durable. Performance My only complaint would be that the setting for popcorn tends to burn the popcorn if you don't stop it early. Settings/Features It have everything you need on the front control panel. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean. Durability I have had this model for several years and it has very heavy use as I still had five children in my home when I got it.



Sharp700 Watt 2.2 Cubic Feet Carousel Microwave Oven R-2A87


I am reviewing this microwave even though it belongs to my Mother I am using it and I really like this microwave. It is very easy to use, takes up minimal space and cooks food evenly and thoroughly. It is easy to wipe clean in between uses and even the exterior is easy to clean. This seems like a very durable little microwave that will last through a lot of use. The food always comes out cooked right, not with cold spots left in the food. Ithink the carousel is what makes it so easy to get everything that you cook in it to come out right. This is a good quality Microwave oven that I really enjoy using. Performance The performance of this microwave oven has been exceptional. Settings/Features Very easy to use. Ease of Cleaning Very easy cleaning on this Microwave oven. Ease of Use Again, this is a very easy to use microwave oven. Durability A very durably oven for daily use. Design Practical design for everyday family use. Very good for small spaces.

Silver City, NM


Good dependable Microwave.


Have used for over 5 years without a problem. Performance Have not really tried to cook meats in it as I prefer an oven for them but for other dishes and defrosting and reheating it works great Ease of Cleaning Carousel removes easily to was in dishwasher and rest wipes clean easily Durability Over 5 years without a problem

Dallas, GA


Door broke off after a couple years


I got the Sharp 700 watt 2.2 cubic feet carousel microwave oven from my relative as a Christmas gift about three or four years ago. It was a great gift as my older microwave was too small and started to giving up. I had used the Sharp microwave for about a couple years before I replaced it with a Panasonic microwave. During the two years, Sharp worked fine. It did what it said: heat up snacks, leftovers, cook, and even defrost frozen treats. Although the buttons were as sensitive as the older microwave, they functioned (just had to press harder) and we were quite satisfied with its performance. Unfortunately, the door broke off after a couple years. At first, I noticed the latch was loosening. I had to push with extra force to close the door. At that point, it was still usable despite the annoyance. Later, the extra pushing failed to close the door tightly and one day, the whole door just came off. It probably because we pushed the door too hard. But we think the company could have done better with the latch.  

Endwell, NY


This Sharp Carousel Is fantastic - One of the best on the market


I owned a larger size Sharp Microwave that my sister gave me. And I absolutely loved it, however, as we have little room in our kitchen I gave the large Sharp Microwave to my son-in-law and daughter. They absolutely love that one. And I knew I wanted a smaller version of what I had. So wallah, I had my sister go shopping for me(as I couldn't do it) and she bought me the smaller size Sharp Microwave Carousel. It is just wonderful. Has all the bells and whistles I need. I would recommend Sharp brand over most of those out there. I have used other brands and am more then very satisfied with Sharp.

Merrifield, MN


Sharp 700 Watt 2.2 Cubic Feet Carousel Microwave Oven R-2A87

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