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Elidel Cream

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Elidel is great for dry patches


Elidel (pimecrolimus) Cream 1% is a great product for dry patches. I have incredibly dry skin. My face is the worse part. I could put a lotion on and my skin could be dry again. This causes me to get dark dry patches or bumpy dry patches. When I added Elidel into my beauty regime (After I got a beauty regime). I have managed to get that under control. You do not have to use a lot to cover a dry patch which is another bonus. The cream can last a person a very long time if they don't abuse it. I have had mine for several months. As far as I know this product can not be obtained unless prescribed by a doctor. ( I got mine from my dermatologist) If you have health insurance then this cream should not be all that expensive. If you do not have health insurance then I would recommend looking for an over the counter product.It does what it is supposed to which is why I would rate this product outstanding. I would recommend this product to anyone of any age.


Bayonne, NJ


Elidel Cream

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