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Dymatize Creatine (Micronized) 500gm

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Pretty standard creatine monohydrate


When it comes to creatine monohydrate, there isn't much difference between the brands. So, I'm giving this an 8, simply because it's not outstanding in any way, but is also in line with other good quality brands of creatine. The first thing you need to know about creatine monohydrate, regardless of brand, is that many, many people have less than great experiences when it comes to their digestive systems. It's not because of one brand or the other. That's the way it is with ALL creatine monohydrate. If you have such a reaction, simply split your dose into two. Take half earlier in the day and the other half later. And, no matter what brand you are using, drink lots and lots of water. If you don't, your kidneys won't like you and one or both will start hurting. In my opinion, creatine monohydrate is the most effective form of creatine. Dymatize's creatine is no exception. It's good stuff. I saw some noticeable size gains while using creatine monohydrate. I'm not sure about strength gains as I have been increasing weights with each workout with or without creatine. I have read other reviews on other sites that complain about Dymatize's micronized creatine not disolving well. Guess what, NO creatine monohydrate disolves, regardless of brand. Micronized means that the particles are smaller and stay suspended in the liquid a little longer, but as you are drinking it, you need to mix or shake it up frequently to keep it from all settling on the bottom. That's to be expected and is not a legitimate complaint. Value: Dymatize Creatine can be found for a very good price all over the place. It's definitely a good deal. I have seen a few other brands that really jack up the price. If you can get a good price on Dymatize Creatine, go for it. You can get a lot of servings out of one container.



Great dietary supplement


Dymatize Nutrition's Micronized Creatine is a dietary supplement used to hydrate increase cell volume. It's an excellent addition to a healthy diet even if not used in conjunction with an exercise program like body-building. I use about a teaspoon added to fruit juice or water before or after exercising. Creatine occurs naturally in the human body as a protein. I sometimes mix it in with whey protein for better effect. It's not the best-tasting stuff in the world so it helps to add to something flavorful. I would recommend to anyone seeking to make changes for a healthy appearance through diet.



Dymatize Creatine (Micronized) 500gm

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