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Dual Electronics
Dual Electronics - Main Stereo Speaker

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This is a great sounding set of speakers,everything sounds good!


These are great and sound awesome, with being able to hear every detail on TV!   The set of speakers comes with wall-mounts which helps eliminate the cludering of floor space.  The speakers are able  to  sit  almost  any  way  you want  them  with the  logo  on tb\he speaker being able to  turn  to fit  whether  you sit it on the floor  or on its  side.  They are nice  sizes , which  compared to the bookshelf ones these are a lot smaller, with a great  sound  quality!

Springfield, MO


You can't find better sound anywhere!


These speakers are powerful and portable, a dynamic combinations!  They are great at filling up a room for whatever you may need them for. Whether it before a social gathering like a party, a few friends just spending time together, or you alone by yourself enjoying music, these speakers can be used in all settings. The price is very reasonable for the quality of the product that you are receiving. They are portable and light weight, so there is no hassle or trouble in relocating them to any room of your house or apartment. I actually frequently take my speakers with me on  vacations and trips. This is another fantastic asset of the product. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a stereo speakers. The multi-color option also is a benefit. You can match it up with other pieces you may have in your house, such as a receiver, television set or a dvd player. Give it a shot! You will not regret it!

Boca Raton, FL


More than you bargained for, but still lacks on sound.


I will give Dual this much..... for a really inexpensive outdoor speaker, they aren't too shabby. With most cheaper brands, you get what you pay for......tin can sound. With these Dual speakers, you actually get a pretty nice sound range, without alot of distortion. On the flipside, if you are looking for a good quality speaker, this isn't it! You cannot push alot of power to these speakers, therefore, good sound at a higher volume is not going to happen. Also, an audiophile would notice the inaccuracy on sound reproduction. But then, an audiophile would NEVER buy Dual.In all, if you are just looking for some sound out on the patio/deck and are on a tight budget and are not really concerned with tremendous sound quality, then these speakers might be right for you.

Overton, TX


Dual Electronics - Main Stereo Speaker

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