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DuWop Venom Gloss - All Shades

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it is love!


Wisteria is a beautiful shimmy pink, and it has flecks of gold in it. If I was buying it myself, I wouldn't have chosen this color, but it turned out to be perfect for me. I really love this color.non-sticky, flavored, moisturizing, plumping, beautiful color, shiny, glossy, tinglyI love this lipgloss! It doesn't dry my lips at all and the plumping effect is actually working! it's not as sticky as most lip glosses are. The scent is very pleasant The color is just beautiful, a sweet muted pink that has just a little shimmer to make it pop. The consistency is perfect, not too sticky or thin or thin or thick and it feels very luxurious on the lips. It's perfect and I'd recommend it to anyone.  This is such a wonderful gloss. It's so hydrating and shiny. It smells really good, like light cinnamon. It stayed on my lips for a long time. I recommend this gloss and love the color.                               

Schenectady, NY


Lip venom gloss is amazing - it REALLY works!!


I have long been a fan of the regular Lip Venom - it is such a great product - so I had to try this newer version - and let me just say.....it's outstanding!!  I get the volume and plumping benefits plus a super glossy sheen with a pop of color!! It may not plump my lips as much as the regular venom - but my lips need a break every now and then.

Ballwin, MO


My lips are hot, burning hot, and this is a problem


Ouch. I love lip gloss, and lip sticks, and lip moisturizers. They are my go to product for retail therapy. I have countless colors that are only slight variations of the same color. I do not need lip plumping, my lips are lovely and full on their own, but hey I am all for trying new things, and when I saw my 30th tube of this plumper being applied on the subway I thought it was time to try, Ouch. DuWop Lip Venom Lip Plumping Gloss feels like someone has set my lips on fire. My lips did swell, but I am convinced that it was due to my immune system sending white blood cells to the area to put our the fire. I am not sure how long the product would last, because I could not leave it on my lips long enough to find out! I will say that the color was lovely, and the shine was also nice, but the pain was too intense for me to wear it long enough to give it a full test run. Those with dry or sensitive lips should be wary. Ouch

Portage, MI


DuWop Venom Lip Plumping Gloss makes my lips hot hot hot!


***Quick View:*** I really don't think ANY lip plumpers work that well. Some may sting and make lips look plumper for a short time but I honestly never tried one that lived up to its hype. **DuWop Venom Lip Plumping Gloss** isn't an exception but I still love it. I love the consistency, the shades, and the tingle. It plumps some and lasts for a long time on my lips, looking super shiny. ***My Take on DuWop Venom Lip Plumping Gloss*** This gloss comes in a plastic tube with a plastic end. The gloss comes out of a hole in the end and onto the lips. There are nine shades of this gloss which is supposed to be a tinted version of DuWop's famous Lip Venom which is a clear lip plumper. I have tried that and I think the gloss is a gentler version. I own a few shades but the one I love is Tulip. It really should be called Rose because it's red. It looks like the red my mother used to wear in the tube but on my lips, it's the most amazing red shade that's not TOO red yet not too muted. It flatters the heck out of my lips and skin. The consistency is fairly thick and a bit sticky. Many don't like that but I do because that means the gloss will stay on longer than thin gloss. The minute I apply **DuWop Venom Lip Plumping Gloss**, I feel an immediate tingle. It smells slightly of cinnamon and has very little taste. But does it ever tingle. It doesn't hurt or burn but, if you're not used to lip plumpers, you may be taken aback by the sensation. My lips look plumper after I apply the gloss but it could be an illusion. I know they look BETTER! This gloss stays on for an hour and a half to two unless I eat. It will wear off like any gloss if I eat. It fades gently and without patchiness or rings around my lips. When on my lips, it's super shiny, nicely pigmented, and so flattering. The other shades I have flatter but Tulip is MY shade! A tube lasts for ages too. I still have one from a year ago and I use it a lot. I may replace it just because of age. While I can't say to you that your lips will plump up and look noticeably bigger or much plumper, I can say your lips will look better and they may look plumper as well. The color is flattering and shiny like your favorite lipstick with super shiny gloss over it all in one tube. **DuWop Venom Lip Plumping Gloss **is my go to gloss. I carry it with me and apply before I get out of the car. My lips looks great and feel great for a long time. I may be crazy but I LIKE the stinging! It's like Carmex times 10. I feel the plumper working even though I only see a bit of actual true plumping. I would buy this gloss for the color and wear alone. I don't really care all that much abut plumping these days. ***My Viewpoint*** I love **DuWop Venom Lip Plumping Gloss**. It's thick and pigmented and so flattering. It's a lipstick, lip gloss, and plumper all in one little tube. The shades flatter and my lips look great - maybe not huge lie OctoMom's but great nonetheless. ***4 stars***. I would go with 5 but it does bill itself as a PLUMPER and it doesn't plump a LOT. It plumps ome but not as much as I would think one would expect from a product that claims to be a plumper.  

The heart of , NY


DuWop Venom Gloss - All Shades

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