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Just for U, an easier way to shop and save money!


In this economy, every penny counts is something we can all agree on.  One source of tax-free income that is often overlooked is saving money on what we buy, especially by using paper manufacturers' coupons.  If utilized to the max, these things can really add up to a nice little bundle of savings but first you have to hunt them up, cut (or print) them out, then actually remember to take them to the store with you.  Keeping track of them during the frenzy of shopping through the store can be another challenge and it doesn't end there because the poor Cashier now has to squint at all those teensy-weensy expiration dates and sometimes punch the coupon codes in by hand  (and leave us not forget all those other customers behind us, eagerly pawing and snorting for their own turn to hold up the line with more coupons.)  Yes, using coupons can save a lot of money if only there were an easier way to do it.  Now some of the bigger supermarket chains have found a way, including Safeway-owned Dominick's who has used their website ***Dominicks.com ***to launch ***Just For U***, a way to save money that is easier for everybody involved. **WHAT THIS IS:** ***Just for U*** is a system of virtual, cyber-deals and coupons which don't even have to be printed out or snipped and taken to the store.  This innovative shopping idea can be found by visiting the ***Dominicks.com ***shopping website and registering for ***Just for U*** by entering the code on your personal "***Fresh Values***" card.  That's all it takes to gain access to *"Three Great Ways to Save"* which include the ***Coupon Center, Personalized Deals***, and ***Your Club Specials***.  Each of these three sections contains special virtual coupons and bargains which you can load onto your "***Fresh Values***" card simply by clicking on the ones you want to use.  Some are for one use only and all have an expiration date, just like regular coupons.  All you have to take with you to the store then is your "Fresh Values" card.  Once the Cashier has swiped your card and started ringing up your purchases, your coupon savings will be deducted automatically by the system. **MY VIEWPOINT:** ***Just For U*** comes through in flying colors on everything but my favorite section is "***Personalized Deals***" which is especially created for each shopper by what appears to be the careful analysis of what that person has been buying.  Somebody at Dominick's knows that I buy a lot of stuff to make Lipton Onion Dip (my usual contribution to social events and parties) and that I have a special hunkering for tomatoes on the vine and individual pieces of Artisan layer cake from the Bakery Department.  Special coupons for these and other favorite items of mine are now available to me, for unlimited use and good for 90 days!  Some of the bargains are almost unbelievable, such as Marie Callendar or Healthy Choice Dinners for only $1.98 each and 6 oz. cups of Yoplait Yogurt for 45 cents.  It may be that there is no Dominick's in your part of the country but Safeway probably has this program with their other stores.  At any rate, I feel that this is turning out to be a success with both shoppers and cashiers so if you use a customer loyalty card to shop at any major supermarket, keep an eye peeled for their equivalent of the ***Just For U*** program which may represent the shape of things to come as far as grocery shopping is concerned.      

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