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Disney Baby 2 in 1 Harness Buddy - Mickey Mouse

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Mickey "Backpack" makes going out in public easier with toddler


**Disney Baby 2 in 1 Harness Buddy - Mickey Mouse**** - ** This harness is made really well.  My daughter loves having it on since it looks like she is giving mickey a piggy back ride.  She likes to look in the mirror and see mickey hugging her.  I think it really just functions as a harness.  I dont agree with the 2 in 1 claim.  The "backpack" feature I do not think really works as a backpack, maybe a small object could fit in the velcro pocket Therefore I do not think the term "backpack" applies too well.  It really couldnt fit much of anything inside.  The harnesses adjust really well, for a small 18 month old it might not get tight enough especially if your toddler is trying with all their might to get free from it. This product is made really cute and seems durable.  I like the length of the parent "leash".  My daughter likes that I get to hold onto mickeys long "tail".  It makes going out in public easier and still fun for my little one. I also like that the tail detatches with the ease of a clip so that I can take off the leash if she just wants to wear it around.  I think having a character is much better than a plain harness. She actually asks for it


Hotchkiss, CO


Disney Baby 2 in 1 Harness Buddy - Mickey Mouse

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